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  • Modern Pumpkin Designs: Modernize Your Halloween


    Modern Pumpkin Design

    Halloween pumpkin carving is usually about the orange and black, but this year let's make Halloween a little more stylish... and modern of course. Let's make it all about black, white and some bits of gold!

    If you don't want to deal with the ooo-ey goo-ey mess of pumpkin guts, painting pumpkins is a great way to go! Create modern Halloween decor by styling your house with a monochromatic collection of either black or white pumpkins. Clusters of black and white modern outdoor chairs would be great on the front porch, making the cool pumpkins company!

    Modern Outdoor Chairs


    Or, let the artist in you shine and go with gorgeous modern patterns, such as having black paint drip over a white pumpkion or the modern herringbone pattern. If you're looking for some inspiration for patterns, take a look at these images of modern gothic architecture (below).

    Gothic Architecture

    The shapes and patterns found in Modern Gothic Architecture are sure to inspire some stylish Halloween decor! The gorgeous shapes found in the ceiling in the first image are breathtaking.

    The silhouette of the Doimo in Milan (image 2) is quite eery against the dark cloudy sky. The negative and positive space in this photo is more than stunning and would be a striking work of art on your handpainted pumpkin! Inspiration from stained glass (image 3) is another great form of inspiration! This stained glass in Wim Delvoye's window is actually made out of x-rays. little creepy right? 

    Hope you're enjoying this fun holiday season! Make sure to make it stylish... and modern!

    Images: Sweet Paul Mag, Camille Styles Modern Sophisticate, Emily Henderson, Inhabitat

  • Modern Cabin Escape: Villa Solaire


    Modern Living Room

    So, if the Euro Style Lighting blogging team were to go on a retreat anywhere... This is where we'd go! But, since we're not, and we couldn't make it to France to stay in this modern cabin even if we did have a blogger retreat, we'll just dream. Let's start with dark modern seating.

    Modern Living Room Decor 

    Elton Vintage Brass Wire Accent Table, Draper Mid-Century Modern Desk Lamp, Zuo Modern Providence Black Tufted Sofa, Anika Walnut Coffee Table, Draper Mid-Century Modern Floor Lamp

    Moder Architecture

    The hallway is a clear example of the linear architecture that runs through the house. Natural, light wood finishes pair nicely with the dark floors, walls and furniture.

    Modern Bedroom

    Clean white walls and natural wood panels give this bedroom space a modern, clean vibe. There's no doubt this bedroom would win the minimally modern prize. Simple white sconces can help you achieve this look in your bedroom.

    Modern Jacuzzi Room

    Let's face it, no modern cabin would be complete without a space to warm up, right? Check out this fabulous jacuzzi room.

    There's lots of ways to achieve this cozy, modern look in your own home. Rather than be sad we don't live here, we just get very inspired to achieve the look. We hope this home inspires you too...

    Images: Archi Lovers

  • Gothic Architecture: Tim Burton Inspired Bridal Shoot


    Gothic Architecture

    Happy Halloween! We don't usually post about weddings, but when there's cool Gothic architecture involved we do. It might not be in line with our typicaly modern architecture obsession, but we appreciate all great design. This bridal shoot is the stunning work of photographer Shelly Mantovani, inspired by the Tim Burton film ‘Dark shadows’. I'm sure there are many people out there getting married on today, and if you're not you can always dress up and pretend you are!

    Take a look at some gorgeous inspiration for a dark wedding or just some really cool Gothic architecture...

    Gothic Windows

    This red is purely radiant!  Pops of red in your wardrobe or home decor will always bring energy to your style!

    Pink Dress

    The use of pinks and soft pastels creates such a romantic energy in a dark way. Speaking of dark, the one thing this space is missing is some black pendants or chandeliers, right?!

    Gothic Archway


    Be safe this Halloween!

    Images: Zimbio

  • Cool + Collected 1.4


    Réka Király

    +There’s a site called Little Collector that sells art for kids. Helsinki-based designer Réka Király designed the art above just for Little Collector. 

    +If you're having a dinner party this weekend, head over to Design For Mankind, where Erin features tablescapes like you've never seen before.

    +The Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County is hosting an "Urban Hike". It's led by the landscape architecture firm's project manager. The architect of the 3.5 acre gardens aims to give hikers a deeper understanding of how creative design can facilitate the museum's philosophy.

    +If you like keeping up with interior design trends, then you know High Point Market just happened in North Carolina. Cassandra Lavalle, style-spotter and design blogger, did a little recap of the event over on her blog Coco + Kelley.

    +Toronto International Art Fair opens tonight, benefiting the Art Gallery of Ontario. Dealers from all over the world will be selling contemporary art there.

  • Modern Dollhouse: Miniature Style to Envy


    Modern Dollhouse

    No, your eyes are not deceiving you. This is the most modern dollhouse we've ever seen too!

    Designer Elaine Shaw from South-East London, made this modern dollhouse by hand. Just a tenth of the size of a real home, the intricate three-story model features a mini iMac, X-BOX, flat screen TV and Art Deco paintings. No doubt, these dolls live the good life.

    Mid-Century Modern

    Besides the attention to cool modern furniture, which you don't normally find in a dollhouse, the details are amazing!... Like the beverage on the side table, near the gray chair (below).

    Modern Dining Room

    Want that modern dollhouse dining room in your own home? We can help.... 

    Modern Dining Room Decor

    Electric Kool Round Wall Clock, Brushed Steel and Wood Arc Floor Lamp, Block Crystal Glass Candle Holders, Maxmesh White and Chrome Low Back Desk Chair, Zuo Silver Leatherette and Glass Dining Table

    We might have to take a break from blogging and pick up a modern dollhouse hobby.... Just kidding!

    Images: Daily Mail

October, 2012