Church Renovation

Higher power gives way to high end design in these chic church renovations. So how do you turn a house of worship into a modern home? Take a look at the examples below for divine inspiration, and then get yourself a realtor who's in thick with the cloistered crowd.  

If cleanliness is next to godliness, the minimalist decor of this Brisbane, Australia, converted church (pictured above and below) will make a believer out of most anyone.

Contemporary Church Conversion

The bathroom below all but erases the heritage of the space by mixing black and white finishes with a dramatic chandelier. Now that's a case of intelligent design.

Modern Bathroom Design

You can achieve a similiar lighting look with the Jonathan Adler Meurice Brass Robert Abbey Chandelier.

Retro Gold Chandelier

In this Utrecht church renovation (below), original stained glass windows are the eyes to the soul inside.

Renovated Church Home

Sometimes, simply hanging a few clean and modern pendant lights and a mid-century inspired floor lamp can dramatically transform a church space.

Renovated Church House

The Chrome Arch Black Marble Base Floor Lamp featured below is a great example of simple modern styling that would work well in any space.

Mid-century modern floor lamp

Open floor plans. Exposed ceilings. Massive windows. Wood floors. Long before modern design ever existed, churches unwittingly encompassed many of its philosophical fundamentals. Now it is up to chic church renovations to carry on the legacy.

Images: Freshome, Bored Panda, Homedit, Desire to Inspire