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    Modern DIY Project

    +Hey modern parents, we found a really fun and useful DIY for your upcoming holiday time at home. Jordan Ferney from Oh Happy Day made alphabet pillows!

    +Speaking of the holidays and the looming Thanksgiving meal next week... For all you vegetarians (us included) who don't know what to do for this typically-meat-based dinner, Bonnie Christine from Going Home to Roost provides some delicious ideas for a vegetarian meal.

    +We have a very cool make-over to show you. This might be the longest hallway you've ever seen, but we guarantee you will be impressed with how Daniel Kanter from Manhattan Nest made it both stylish and functional. Note: This hallway is so long, there's a Part 1 and a Part 2 for this blog post.

    +Swing on over to Dezeen for a very cool installation. The International Centre for the Arts Jose in Guimarães, Portugal features a swing set where kids can of course play, but also where electricity is generated under the floor.

    +We're loving the modern Zodiac Prints Katie Armour shared on her blog The Neo Traditionalist.

  • Design Books: Arabesque


    Arabesque Design Books The Arab world has seen a spate of political revolutions over the past few years, but a recent series of two design books called Arabesque looks at a quieter revolution taking place in the Arab world: graphic design. This stunning collection of inspiration images features modern calligraphy, logos and illustration by artists from Egypt, Iran, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Lebanon.

    In the book, urban and environmental design photos show Arabesque patterning at the street level:  Arab Environmental Design

    Arab illustration points to a vibrant mix of cultural heritage with modern production techniques:

    Modern Arab Illustrations

    Logos and typography highlight the Arab calligraphy tradition, albeit with a modern twist:

    Arab Calligraphy

    Arabesque does stop short of covering industrial or interior design. That doesn't stop us however from daydreaming of a few home decor elements that might look great surrounding this beautiful coffee book:

    Home Decor Accessories

    Tall Turquoise Glass Stupa Vase, Possini Glitz Crystal Chrome 8 1/2" High Pocket Wall Sconce, Helix Collection Rectangular End Table, Tangle 20" Square Red Throw Pillow, Set of 2 Zuo Modern Darwen Black 24" High Counter Stool

    A book this nice is just too good to keep locked up on the shelf. We suggest you design the perfect reading corner with a modern coffee table, a pretty arc floor lamp and start reading. Let's face it, almost nothing beats a warm beverage and a good read.  

    Images:  Gestalten

  • Modern Dining Room: Decorating For The Holidays


    Modern Dining Room

    It's that time of year again and if you're like us, you're thinking about the best way to create a modern dining room for this holiday season. Similar to the room above, we love the use of a modern dining table mixed with acrylic dining chairs to create a beautiful holiday table and still feel spacious. This sleek style allows for minimal decor to really stand out against the glistening backdrop.  

    Acrylic Dining Furniture

    Accessorizing with simple organic elements, such as gold leaf branches (above), helps soften the modern materials. Modern candle holders are also a wonderful touch.

    If you want to get the look above here are some perfect selections to help you achieve this look in your own home.

    Modern Dining Table

    Zuo Flag White Leatherette and Glass Dinign Table

    Acrylic Dining Chair

    Zuo Anime Transparent Dining Chairs

    Modern Chandelier

    Clear Crystal Chrome Luminous Chandelier

    Modern Placecard Holders

    Set of 8 Mini Glass Bubble Placecard Holders

    You can make your guests feel special by creating modern placecard holders (above) for each one.  

    Adding simple holiday elements to your modern decor will be a sure way to keep you festive this holiday season without compromising your modern aesthetic!  

    Images: Sketch 42

  • Modern Kitchen Design: Brass Faucets and Accents


    Modern Kitchen Design

    For years you heard the words stainless steel, chrome, and brushed nickel when referring to modern kitchen design... But rarely did you hear the words brass or polished brass. Well, those times are over and for the design lovers out there that are looking to mix it up we'll show you some great ways to incorporate brass into your modern kitchen!

    Brass accent strips were added to the Bulthaup Kitchen (above) to create a striking detail in this otherwise simple kitchen design. Mixing the modern elements with the more traditional brass and carrara will offer your kitchen layers of interest.

    Modern Industrial Kitchen

    How stunning is this brass countertop in this industrial kitchen design? It mixes so beautifully with the bricks to create something fresh and visually stimulating. Usually when you think industrial you think steel, but rarely do you think brass. This kitchen just might change the way you think...

    Brass Kitchen Hardware

     Modern Wall Sconce

    Adding a vintage style brass faucet and cup pulls can completely transform your modern white kitchen. Simple changes in kitchen hardware can make a huge difference. Brass sconces are a great solution for lighting when you forgo the upper cabinets and choose open space instead. 

     Brass Wall Sconce


     Polished Brass Faucet

    When you want your kitchen to feel a bit more polished, then just polish your brass. This kitchen hardware adds elegance to the modern kitchen design, like that flashy necklace or watch you put on for a evening out on the town.

     Hammered Brass Pendants

     Brass Pendants

     Modern Brass Chandelier


    And of course one of the best ways to incorporate brass into your space is through modern pendant lighting. Whether it be multiple pendants or one large brass chandelier, the impact will no doubt be dynamic.

    Images: Flodeau, Pinterest, Hannas Room, Sequins and Stripes

  • Euro Style Lighting Catalog Launch!


    Euro Style Lighting 

    We are very happy to announch the launch of our print catalog! Iniside, you'll find 55 pages of our fabulous products, including some of our furniture.

    To view the catalog, please visit the iTunes store.

    Euro Style Lighting Catalog

    Of course you can also shop us on-line at!

November, 2012