Arabesque Design Books The Arab world has seen a spate of political revolutions over the past few years, but a recent series of two design books called Arabesque looks at a quieter revolution taking place in the Arab world: graphic design. This stunning collection of inspiration images features modern calligraphy, logos and illustration by artists from Egypt, Iran, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Lebanon.

In the book, urban and environmental design photos show Arabesque patterning at the street level:  Arab Environmental Design

Arab illustration points to a vibrant mix of cultural heritage with modern production techniques:

Modern Arab Illustrations

Logos and typography highlight the Arab calligraphy tradition, albeit with a modern twist:

Arab Calligraphy

Arabesque does stop short of covering industrial or interior design. That doesn't stop us however from daydreaming of a few home decor elements that might look great surrounding this beautiful coffee book:

Home Decor Accessories

Tall Turquoise Glass Stupa Vase, Possini Glitz Crystal Chrome 8 1/2" High Pocket Wall Sconce, Helix Collection Rectangular End Table, Tangle 20" Square Red Throw Pillow, Set of 2 Zuo Modern Darwen Black 24" High Counter Stool

A book this nice is just too good to keep locked up on the shelf. We suggest you design the perfect reading corner with a modern coffee table, a pretty arc floor lamp and start reading. Let's face it, almost nothing beats a warm beverage and a good read.  

Images:  Gestalten