Modern DIY Project

+Hey modern parents, we found a really fun and useful DIY for your upcoming holiday time at home. Jordan Ferney from Oh Happy Day made alphabet pillows!

+Speaking of the holidays and the looming Thanksgiving meal next week... For all you vegetarians (us included) who don't know what to do for this typically-meat-based dinner, Bonnie Christine from Going Home to Roost provides some delicious ideas for a vegetarian meal.

+We have a very cool make-over to show you. This might be the longest hallway you've ever seen, but we guarantee you will be impressed with how Daniel Kanter from Manhattan Nest made it both stylish and functional. Note: This hallway is so long, there's a Part 1 and a Part 2 for this blog post.

+Swing on over to Dezeen for a very cool installation. The International Centre for the Arts Jose in Guimarães, Portugal features a swing set where kids can of course play, but also where electricity is generated under the floor.

+We're loving the modern Zodiac Prints Katie Armour shared on her blog The Neo Traditionalist.