Modern Art

Modern art and of course modern lighting has really been inspiring us lately. With the long holiday weekend coming up you might actually have some time to create some artwork of your own! Black Friday, Cyber Monday and all these great shopping days are upon us, but for those of you who would rather create something for your loved ones this season, then let Kumi Yamashita's collection "Light and Shadow" inspire you. 

" I sculpt shadow with light or sometimes light with shadow, but both function in essentially the same manner." -Yamashita

Modern Wall Art

Carved objects are placed in relation to one single light source to create these simple and stunning sculptures.

Modern Art Installation

There is so much emotion in each piece, this collection of modern art nearly takes my breath away.

Numbers Sculptures

Letters and Numbers Art

Lighting works in amazing ways!

There are many modern chandeliers that plays with light and shadow in a beautiful way. Here are a couple of our favorites!

Modern Chandelier

Planet Chrome and Black Possini Euro Pendant Chandelier

Modern Chandelier

Customizable Squares Possini Euro Pendant Light

Hope you all have a wonderful holiday weekend, inspired with loved ones!

Images: Kumi Yamishita