Small Space Tourist Hotel

When people use the phrase "small space," they're usually talking about the spaces where we live. But what about the rest of our lives? The places where we shop, relax and even spiritualize?

For that, we imagined spending the day as a small space tourist. We begin at the Das Park Hotel in Austria (pictured above), a sewage pipe turned pay-as-you-can hotel room. Yes, a sewage pipe.  

After waking up, let's head to the cafe...or in this case, a pocket park in New York.

Pocket Park New York City

A collaboration between the NYC Department of Transportation and the businesses that front it, this space is nothing more than some seating and landscaping squeezed onto the sidewalk. We think the bright red chairs look great in the city, but to blend into more natural surroundings, one might want to consider using unique chairs that are transparent.

After morning coffee, we head out to the Uniqlo store, designed by shipping container pioneer architects Lot-ek.

Pop Up Retail Shop

In our new clothes from Uniqlo, we now head for church...well, the chapel at least. The Mobile Chaplet below was designed to service rural communities in North Dakota, but it can be used just about anywhere a flat bed truck will take it.

Modern Sculptural Mobile Chapel

Finally, we return to New York's Pod Hotel for the evening. 

Pod Hotel New York

The Pod offers affordable small rooms, furnished in a way that should appeal to any fan of modern design.

Modern Dining Chair

Set of 2 Zuo Mesh Chrome Dining Chairs

Modern Nickel Wall Light

Besa Divi Satin Nickel European Swing Arm Wall Light

At less than 100 square feet per room, the Pod offers just enough space for the things that really matter--you and your modern chairs. Isn't that the essence of small spaces?

Images: SprklingTransportation NationNoticias AquitecturaDwellThe Pod Hotel