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  • Gender Neutral Design For Kids Rooms

    Kids Room

    Gender neutral rooms are becoming more and more popular and I have to say, I love it! They are fantastic if you have multiple children of both genders sharing a room or even just if you don't want your child's room to look too girly or all boy.

    This room (above) is my dream kids room. The colors really pop against the black and white scale, don't they? Notice that the pillow on the bed has pink in it, but it doesn't look too feminine because the gray scale and other subdued colors balance it out. I absolutely love it. Colorful pillows are always a great way for adding extra details.

    Gender Neutral Colors

    The trick is to use colors that work for either sex, obviously. But you also want to include neutral tones like gray or white as the base for the walls or even the majority of the furniture. If you have a blue dresser or a pink light fixture, it makes it a lot harder to get the gender neutral look. This nursery (above) is a great example of using white as the base color and then adding fun pops of color that aren't overwhelmingly boy or girl.

    Yellow Kids Room

    And this shared nursery is so fun. They used a neutral tone for the walls and then white furniture but then used yellow and orange for most of the decorations. It's bright and cheery and totally gender neutral. You'll also notice that there are more feminine and masculine elements incorporated too. Just because the overall room is gender neutral, doesn't mean everything in the room has to be!

    Images: Weekday Carnival, Apartment Therapy, Melissa Esplin

  • Loft Living: Downtown Los Angeles

    Loft Living

    There’s a building in downtown Los Angeles that takes loft living to the next level. The interior design redefines what it means to live well in the city, starting with the lounge upon entering. This upscale, industrial lounge feels like the hippest club in town with reclaimed wood and concrete columns. By pairing modern chairs and sofas with more classic pieces you get a very sophisticated, eclectic feel. The space is perfect for entertaining without having to step foot outside of your building.

    Loft Kitchen

    The lighting throughout the lounge makes a huge statement! Series of modern industrial pendants over the kitchen, glowing softly is always a statement piece. However, the statement is truly made of over the pool table where the modern glass pendants hang from the ceiling at variable heights. 

    Modern Pendant Light

    Argento Antiqued Glass 8 1/2-Inch-W Bar Pendant Light

    Loft Living Room

    The view from each unit is incredible and makes for ideal artwork to frame these luxury lofts. The moldings below the windows give the space a more high-end feeling and even make each space feel a bit more New York than LA.

    A low profile, modern sofa is a great choice in a space like this because it doesn’t block the magnificent view.

    Modern Sofa

    Roxbury Cream Chenille Sofa

    Loft Bedroom

    Grasscloth wallpaper is another great way to soften up a modern space and help the space feel rich with added texture.

    Industrial Style Bedroom

    Even the guests have a view! A view from every room, how great is that? Industrial accent tables paired with the vintage metal bed frame and cozy linens, create a soft yet urban feel. Sculptural wall elements really bring personality to any space.

    Loft Kitchen

    Of course, in loft living a modern kitchen is a must! Notice the white cabinetry paired with light gray walls, allow the cabinets to pop. You may not be cooking so much when you’re living in a place that is so close to tons of great restaurants, but it’s still important to have a kitchen that is both functional and beautiful!

    Redefining city living in Los Angeles is a crucial component to the revitalization of downtown. It continues to attract more and more people every day and it’s definitely a community worth exploring!    

    Images: Apex 

  • Mid-Century Modern Homes

    Mid Century Modern Homes

    Design makes everything better. At least that's the thinking that informs why so much of the modern world appears to be "designed." In architecture and home decorating, mid-century modern homes offered an egalitarian opportunity to apply design thinking to the masses.

    In the 1940s-50s, a handful of architects converged on the (then) affordable Southern California landscape to create cutting-edge tract home designs. Easy to build and cheap enough reproduce on a large scale, these concept homes represented a whole-hearted belief that modern design could revolutionize the way suburban families live. Open floor plans dominated the thinking of the day, sweeping floor lamps were all the rage, and modern pendant lights replaced the chandelier as the overhead lighting fixture du jour: 

    Mid Century Modern Living Room

    Chief among these inventive suburban tracts were Joseph Eichler's Balboa Highlands in Granada Hills. Inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright's Bazett House (which Eichler rented for a time), these homes were designed to allow in extra light and air through centrally located atria:

    Joseph Eichler House Atrium

    Architect Cliff May is one of the prominent designers of the long and low-slung ranch houses, a uniquely American style that fuses Modernist principles with the post-war ideal of living out West. The Californian homes of his Lakewood Rancho Estates exemplify the dream of high design at affordable prices, as you can see in this original sales brochure:

    Cliff May Rancho House Brochure

    Interiors of the Californian are tight, yet the high ceilings maintain a sense of openness, especially when accompanied by minimalist modern furniture:

    Interior Cliff May Californian

    Around the same time period, achitect Gregory Ain designed colonies of homes with his Mar Vista tract in Los Angeles and Park Planned homes in Altadena (pictured below). 

    Gregory Ain Park Planned

    In keeping with the aesthetic of the day, ceiling level skylights allowed sunlight to filter in. In both the original brochure photo above and in the present day photo below, using modern lamps and decor is the de facto way to fill the space.

    Gregory Ain

    Many designs informed by the classic ceiling lights you see in period photographs of these homes are still available today. Here are some of the popular designs we can help you with.

    modern pendant light

    Tech Lighting Pele White Glass LED Mini Pendant

    saucer shaped pendant lightPossini Euro Cocoon Matte White Pendant Light

    modern kitchen pendant light

    Three-Tier Shade Downlite Pendant Light

    Affordable design and the dream of high design at a populist price point motivated mid-century developers in much the same way that it fuels advocates of prefab and small space living today. Luckily, design is ultimately about problem solving. And if the same holds true today as it did for architects then, there is always a way to design the affordable dream home.

    Images: Los Angeles Magazine, Eller the Seller, Pasadena Star News, Rancho Style, Culture Spectator, Park Planned Homes,

  • From Outfit to Interior: Design Statement Circa 1970

    Design Statement

    Spring is here and Ms. 70s Statement is ready to take full advantage of all it has to offer! She's starting off with this strapless wide leg jumpsuit from Three Dots and going from there.

    Retro Modern Decor

    This Turquoise Glass Stupa Vase is vibrant and distinct, just like our lady. The color is said to have healing powers and provide a serene, healing aura – perfect for holding the few blooms she treats herself to each week.

    Ms. 70s Statement knows that turquoise and dark brown are a pretty color combo, so she perches her vase on this  Magnussen Allure Hazelnut and Glass End Table. The curvy base and glass top are a whimsical touch to her living room.

    Modern Decor

    A colorful Ikat Cyan and Coral Decorative Pillow or two gives her bed a bold pop of color, while the Modern Allegra Crystal Ball Possini Euro Arc Floor Lamp sets the mood with a dimmer switch from a nearby corner. Ms. 70s Statement loves the crystal and wire ball shades and the illustrious illumination.

    Modern TV Console

    This  Simon White Modern TV Stand is the perfect perch for her television and other media. The two drawers provide space to store Ms. 70s Statement's favorite movies and remotes, while the high-gloss finish gives it that extra something she looks for in pieces for her home.

    Image: Bloomingdales

  • Modern Restaurant Design: Superba Snack Bar

    Modern Restaurant Design

    We can't get enough of the unique and innovative modern restaurant design in Venice Beach, CA and we're really crushing on Superba Snack Bar. Venice Beach is always a refreshing local, providing a little fun in the sun with a meal at Superba Snack Bar. This laid back Rose Ave hangout is worth the visit.

    Modern Design

    The midcentury style, surf shack vibe design by Design, Bit***s is crisp and full of energy. We sure love to see a restaurant designing with a minimail, industrial elements.   

    Dining Room Design

    Modern dining chairs that are simple and light-weight oftne times pair perfectly with heavy, over-sized tables. The patterned wool beach blankets thrown about, and also used as upholstery on the back of the banquette seating, add the much needed texture and warmth. 

    Modern Dining Chairs

    Scope Chrome With Black Modern Zuo Dining Chair

    The mid-century moder lighting is subtle, but still creates a bold statement in this modern restaurant design. And that black and white wallpaper...need I say more?!

    Modern Pendant Lighting

    Donut Red Finish Contemporary Pendant Chandelier

    As you pass by, you'll notice the interior glow and see the modern pendant lights through the windows of this black box design. The crowd flutters about this happening spot so you'll definitely want to drop in.

    The branding package also designed by Design, Bit***s is sharp. Let's go get a closer look at that menu! I heard the Short Rib Ravioli and S'mores dessert are exceptional.

    Images: Design, Bit***s.

March, 2013