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  • Modern Design With Ikat


    Modern Design

    Oh, ikat. It's the one trendy pattern that still, after all this time, I still can't get enough of. Among those of us who love modern design, there's no room this pattern doesn't make better.

    Modern Living Room

    Maybe it's because there are so many different color variations and patterns within the designation of ikat that no matter what your style, the room type, or mood, there's probably an ikat to fit the occasion.

    Modern Dining Room

    I'm loving the simple pops of ikat in the bedroom (top image) which is perfectly brought in with throw pillows, as well as the dramatic upholstery job on the dining chairs (above). And stunning chandeliers never hurt the modern design of any space!

    ESL has you covered if you're in the market for a little dash of ikat, from lamp shades to pillows. Here are a few of my favorite pillows.

    Moder Pillows

    1. Tribal Ikat Canvas Pillow 2. Leopard Print Ikat Pillow 3. Butterfly Ikat Canvas Pillow 4. Chevron Ikat Canvas Pillow 5. Kite Square Ikat Pillow 6. Bardot Tribal

    Images:  A. Malson Interior Design, Dawna Jones Design, LRI Designs, Cynthia Lynn Photography

  • Get the Look: Contemporary Lighting for the Kids Room


    Contemprorary Lighting

    Recently I've had a lot of inquires from my blog readers and clients asking for suggestions on contemporary lighting for kids room. Whether it be a nursery or kids room. Honestly, kids rooms are some of my favorite to design because you can definitely have fun with the concept, especially the lighting.

    It doesn't always have to be a normal chandelier or ceiling light. There are tons of fun options out there these days. The sky is the limit in the lighting department. That's why I've pulled together a few different options for you’re to “get the look” today – they range from floor lamps, to sconces, to ceiling lights.

    Modern Walll Light

    Jonathan Adler Left Giraffe Robert Abbey Wall Sconce

    This is a fun option if you are doing an animal themed room.

    Modern Floor Lamp

    Pacey Silver Plated Arc Floor Lamp

    If you’re going for a more modern look, I love the idea of a floor lamp.

     Modern Ceiling Light

    White Flower Possini Euro Design Pendant Chandelier

    I’ve been in love with this nursery for a long time, but this white alternative would be a great budget friendly option.

    Hope these tips help!

    Images: Dwellers Without Decorators, Décor Dots, TurquoiseMe Oh My Mama

  • Tips for Putting Together the Perfect Gallery Wall


    Gallery Wall Design

    I get a little intimidated when I walk into a house and find the most beautiful curated gallery wall. Instead of straight clean rows they're all perfectly mixed up, but without looking messy, and somehow it all works well together. Since then, I've had a few "Ah Ha!" moments about curating the perfect gallery wall and I'd love to share these few tips with you.

    It doesn't have to be a perfect puzzle. I think this is what intimidated me the most, fitting all the pieces together perfectly while they were all different sizes. Then I realized after looking at a lot of images online, like the one above, that they don't have to fit perfectly. The edges don't have to line up, in fact it looks better when they don't! It does help to balance out sizes and colors throughout the wall space, but location and perfectly fitting pieces together shouldn't be your main goal.

    Dining Room Art

    Find a variety of objects. Images, paintings, and drawings mix perfectly to create a great gallery wall. The more diverse the objects, the better.

    In the image above you can tell it's well thought out, but still personal and meaningful by using a variety of mediums. There are old photos, pressed flowers, trinkets, handmades and sentimental items all together. It makes for such an interesting wall to look at and less like every pieces was purchased in the IKEA art department.

    Living Room Gallery Wall

    Include color, but not too much color. I thought the image above was a good example of this. There's color but the main scheme is brown, white and throw in some burnt reds. Drawings are great for gallery walls because they're simple, usually black and white and don't overwhelm the other items. Too much simplicity can be boring though. Find a few pops of color amidst mutated tones and you can't go wrong!

    I hope these tips helped. Good luck with your gallery walls!

    Images: Luv Decor, Lonny, Left My Heart in Paris

  • Cool + Collected 1.24


    Modern Bedroom

    Cool + Collected is our regular Friday post covering modern lifestyle topics from around the globe. You'll find everything from design icon biographies to modern art, photography and architectural surprises. And of course modern design! Starting in April, we will switch it up a bit and only do a link round up 1x/month. It's new name will be Design Spotlight. Stay tuned...

    +We encourage you to take a look at this super cool home on Emmas Design Blogg. It's modern, edgy and just plain rad.

    +Do you know what's even cooler than sustainable, green design?.... Tracking it! This new project for a high rise in Century City, California has an entire website dedicated to real-time environmental display.

    +Are you an animal lover, but don't love the tacky furniture for pets? Check out Home Made Modern for a fun and easy DIY project. This is the coolest dog house we've ever seen.

    +You have not seen architecture like this, we promise! It's the Chinese Coin House by Juan Carlos Menacho Durán.

    +We have some buzz for you and to be honest, it's just us bragging a little. We've partnered with some great design bloggers and we're pretty proud of it. Read the full article here.

  • Modern Design Style: Mixing Dining Chairs


    Modern Design Style

    When it comes to designing a dining room and achieving the modern look, the possibilities are endless. It can seem like a daunting task, especially when designing around kids. But it can actually become a super fun project with a beautiful end result.

    A major detail for any dining room is the dining chairs. Whatever chairs you choose have a tendency to become a major focal point. No pressure or anything! To create a playful yet sophisticated dining space, consider mixing different chairs around the table. As long as you keep with a specific color palette, you can mix just about any look. Above we find five completely different chairs around a simple wood table. Because one chair is in the same wood family as the table, three other chairs are white and only one is a bright color, this look totally works. It doesn't feel too eclectic.

    Modern Dining Room

    The chairs used in this dining space (above) are the same design, just in different wood tones. It’s enough difference to make an impact without taking this eclectic look too far. It's a very serene space.

    Color Accents

    This look has to be my very favorite! The idea of using the same chairs except for at the ends of the table is design perfection. The pop of color that they’ve used in the end chairs brings out the colors in the plants and art columns. This is a more sophisticated design for a traditional dining space.

    Eclectic Dining Room

    If you are all about just having a little fun in your space, this look (above) is for you! If you have a collection of different dining chairs, try placing them together and just see what happens. It might be decor heaven and it might not quite work. The beauty of mixing chairs is to keep staging chairs next to each other to see what works and what doesn't. The collection of chairs in this image are all in the modern family so they work well together. Just have fun with your design and don’t take yourself too seriously.

    These chairs are great options.

    White Plastic Wood Chair

    Lime Green Bay Chair

    Wishbone Chairs

    Gunmetal Chair

    White Zuo Chair

    Images: Livet Hemma, 79 Ideas, Camille Styles, Seventy Tree.

March, 2013