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  • Newsworthy Endeavors


    Space Shuttle Endeavor

    As design lovers, we also like staying in the loop of other newsworthy endeavors (pun intended). Today is the 2nd anniversary of the final launch of the space shuttle Endeavor!

    Image: Dvice
  • Modern Style on a Houseboat


    Modern Style

    No one said modern design had to be limited to homes on land. You can find modern style on a houseboat too!

    It seems like the perfect place to be during the warmer months is on the water. So, why not live there?! Whether vacationing or long-term living, houseboats are pretty cool. That being said, as modern lovers, we hadn't seen a lot of cool design when it comes to floating homes. Here's one of our favorites. Her name is Jolie and she's from Holland.

    Modern Living Room

    So, how do you design the interior of a modern houseboat? The same way you would any modern home... Simple, minimal and functional. This houseboat has plenty of open space and is designed for functional living.

    Try some of these floor lamp styles to get the look above, whether you live on a houseboat or on land.

    Modern Floor Lamps

    1. Robert Abbey Rico Espinet Miles Adjustable Boom Floor Lamp 2. Bloomfield Satin Steel Contemporary Floor Lamp 3. Kenroy Reeler White Shade Modern Balance Arm Floor Lamp 4. Adjustable White Robert Abbey Boom Floor Lamp 5. Jumbo Architect Satin Steel Floor Lamp

    Modern Kitchen

    Like any modern kitchen, this design features clean lines and simple white finishes to look larger. There's just enough contrast with some warm wood finishes. We couldn't love it more.

    Kids Room

    This is one lucky kid, he gets to live on a houseboat and have a super cool, stylish room.

    Do your Summer plans include any houseboats?

    Images: Waterloft

  • Public Display of Design Inspiration


    Design Inspiration

    Where do you like to look for design inspiration when it comes to spaces that are appealing to both children and adults? I’m always inspired by nature, sometimes cartoons or children’s books, other people’s homes and, of course, Pinterest. But, I also love looking at public spaces. 

    Public Dining

    Places like hotels, parks, bookstores, stores, and activity centers can actually be a gold mine when it comes to inspiration and ideas. Since these places or spaces are many times dedicated solely to children there is no holding back when it comes to imagination. No doubt, they can go big or go home.

    I’m loving Nuca Studio, a family hangout and lounge, which is located in Romania. It’s fun, funky, totally simple and yet slightly over the top, all at the same time.

    Modern Cafeteria

    While you may not want to copy the look exactly (perhaps a giant modern elephant is a bit much, although, I’d gladly take one) don’t miss a detail because if you look closely there are always concepts to take home and make your own.

    For instance, in these spaces, I love the white with the pops of color, the lighting, the modern seating and brightly colored tables and the fun round cut out windows. 

    Home Decor

    1. Pascal White Plastic Wood 30 1/2-Inch-H Set of 2 Side Chairs 2. Lime Green Round Modern 11 3/4-Inch Vogue Wall Clock 3. Brunetta Purple Accent Table 4. White Ripple Glass 3 1/2-Inch-W Pendant Chandelier

    Above are a few simple ways to incorporate this look and style in your home:

    Images: Nuca Studio

May, 2013