Restaurant Design

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!  I'm sure there was lots of brunching going on and some amazing restaurant designs discovered. Did anyone make it to Palm Springs or happen to try out the new Workshop Kitchen + Bar?

Soma Architects was called upon to transform the historic El Paseo Building into a fresh new architectural identity for Workshop Kitchen + Bar. The existing elements were strong and limited the possibilities, but Soma was sure to exploit them. The result is powerful and focuses on the height of these 27 foot cathedral ceilings.

Concrete Communal Table

The building is colonial on the outside and industrial-chic on the inside with the vertical design emphasized by tall concrete structures. Modern mini pendant lighting always makes a bold statement when used in multiples and in this case it fills the void and creates intimacy at the communal table. The central communal table is more of a public dining space and the booths on the right and left provide great intimacy for private dining. They are almost like little rooms of their own, don't you think?

 Modern Pendant Lighting

The modern lighting stays consistent throughout. When repeating lighting, finding the perfect modern pendant light is crucial. This minimal design works so well with the height of the space as it continues to emphasize it. The modern dining chairs and barstools really blend into the environment throughout the space making them appear perfectly integrated into the design.

Either of these (below) minimal pendant lights would work great in the space.

Mini Pendant

Illuminations Vintage Ancient Bronze Ceiling Pendant

Mini Pendant Light

Industrial Cage 6" Wide Black Pendant Light

 Modern Bar

The concrete bar looks very cool and in Palm Springs something cool is all you need on those hot summer days!

Images: Soma Architects

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