Modern Entryway Design

There’s such a thing as a beautiful modern entryway, as in the picture above, and then there’s the alternative: the creepy foyer. You know the one. Looks like it’s never been touched. A chair here, faux flowers there. Dusty on top and dirty behind the ears. It’s the home’s fly-over space and it’s a total fake…except it doesn’t need to be.

Because the foyer is perhaps the number one key to keeping a clean home. It’s the guard gate that holds junk mail at bay while personal letters pass through unscathed. It catches your keys so they don’t get lost deeper inside. It traps the rain and the mud before they destroy your flooring.

So instead of asking your foyer to look beautiful, ask it to perform beautifully.

A modern bench for lacing up before you go outside? Check.

Modern Foyer Benches

Catch basins for odds and ends, newspapers and mail? Check.

Entryway Closet Organization

Rack space for coats, hats and keys? Of course.

Landing and Foyer Design

Remember that, in modern design, function always precedes fashion, and in so doing becomes fashion in and of itself. Embrace that philosophy. Keep the chaise lounge out. No one is chilling in your entry anyway. Consider some simple wall lighting to throw light on the subject. Get rid of the faux plants, and throw a real fern in to freshen things up instead.

Add a museum bench: 

Modern Museum Bench

Zuo Heywood Triple Natural Wood Bench

...a floor lamp (with a tray table for stowage):

Modern Steel Floor LampBrushed Steel Double Shelf Space Saver Modern Floor Lamp

...and drop in a household mission statement for good measure: 

Family Rules Wall Art

Family Rules Black on White Motivational Wall Art

Now you’ve got a modern entryway design that looks clean, functional and distinctively lived-in.

Images: Chatelaine, Designer Pad, Martha Stewart Home DesignIdeas to Steal