Bedside Table Lamps

It's easy to brighten up your bedroom with a fresh new bedside table lamp. Whether you want modern bedside table lamps or traditional table lamps, the following suggestions will help you find a light to fit your style and add the right amount of light to your space.

Remember, the lamp should be pretty enough for your private sanctuary.

Modern Desk Lamp

Alvin Polished Nickel Adjustable Robert Abbey Desk Lamp

Modern Table Lamp

Mersenne Crystal Globe Table Lamp

Table Lamp

Turquoise Double Gourd Table Lamp

Here are a few tips when purchasing a new bedside table lamps:

1. Height: The right size lamp depends on the height of your nightstand. It's said that a bedside table lamp shouldn't be taller than 30" or else your eye will get a glare from the light bulb - no one wants that when they are reading at night.

2. Positioning: Place the lamp close to the wall. That way you can place other essentials on your nightstand as well.

3. Shade Sizing: Be sure to keep the shade small - you don't want to bang your head. I recommend fabric shades in a bedroom because they are soft and add warmth to a room.

I hope that you find your ideal bedside table lamp!

Images: Jordi Canosa, Lonny Magazine, Apartment Therapy, Lonny Magazine