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  • This or That: Modern vs. Regency Style


    Modern Living Room

    When you have some leisure time, there's nothing like curling up in your own home with a good book or magazine and letting the afternoon pass by. But the important question isn't what tome you'd want to relax with -- it's what kind of space you'd want to relax IN!

    Glam Living Room

    For today's this and that, we're comparing a retro modern feel to a more Hollywood regency style. Which would you choose?\

    Modern Furniture

    MODERN: Carbon Chrome Black Leatherette Zuo ChairBasque Brushed Nickel Arc Lamp
    REGENCY: Napoli Cream Winged Chair, Dalton Satin Brass Lamp

    Image Credits: Elle Décor, Elizabeth Gordon Studio

  • Stylish Outdoor Eating Areas For Summer


    Outdoor Eating

    Some of us are dealing with warm/hot weather right now. Summer is my personal favorite. Even when the temperature rises, there is so much to do. One of those fun activities is styling outdoor eating areas for Summer. Whether it’s when the sun is out or strictly under the stars, entertaining outdoors can create some of the funnest memories.

    Above we see a clean patio with seating areas and also a dining area. The entirety of the space is modern and minimal, which makes for a great entertaining. I also love the variety of woods and fabrics.

    Modern Lighting

    To create a wow factor, try styling a dining space in the midst of a forest. The wood table seen above, seamlessly meshes with the outdoors. Another beautiful styling idea is whimsical crystal chandeliers. It creates a wow factor for guests.

    Outdoor Dining Chairs

    This patio, which could have a tendency to feel normal, has been spruced up with the bright red dining chairs. Colorful outdoor seating is a great way to add personality. The combo of wood and metal gives this space a very relaxed feel. Perfect for a lazy summer night.

    Modern Dining

    This area feels a little more traditional but still lends itself to warm, relaxing nights. Feed your guests at the table and then afterwards, lounge by the fireplace. It’s a mini vacation waiting to be used on a daily basis!

    Images: Sfgirlbybay, La Boheme, Chezerbey, Digs Digs

  • Designing With Kid-Friendly Coffee Tables


    Coffee Tables

    Have you ever noticed that a lot of homes with children don’t have coffee tables? Or, if they do, they have rather obnoxious childproofing gear wrapped around them? I didn’t pay much attention to this phenomenon until I had kids. I ignored dealing with the whole children coffee table issue for a few years.  But, one boy and many boo boos later, I decided to ditch the coffee table altogether. It’s been almost 7 years (and 2 boys) later and I am so ready to bring a modern coffee table back into my life.

    The truth is you don’t have to go without like I did. There are so many great options and ideas that are both stylish and kid friendly. Take a look and I think you’ll agree!

    Modern Poufs

    Teal Blue Pouf Modern Roped Cotton 14-Inch-H Ottoman, Mocha Roped Cotton Pouf 20-Inch-W Ottoman

    One option, I adore, is using a couple of poufs in lieu of a traditional table (image above). These are perfect for when you have really little ones that are just learning to walk and bumping into anything and everything in sight.  You can pair two together in front of your sofa and they are also great for catching a few magazines or books and perfect for resting feet upon. 

    When your babies get a bit older you can use these poufs as an addition to a traditional coffee table. They are perfect used as seats around the coffee table for little ones. Or, they simply look great off to the side or as a functional footrest.

    Modern Living Room

    Campaign Jamie Silver 14-Inch-H Young Folding Coffee Table

    Speaking of kids sitting around a coffee table, I love the idea of a coffee table having a dual purpose and working as a kid’s table (above image). All you have to do is find a table that is a little more rustic and add a few little chairs (you can also use large chairs).

    Kid-Friendly Design

    Sojourn Tempered Glass Modern Zuo Coffee Table

    If you want to go with a totally traditional concept, when it comes to coffee tables, but wish to keep a modern look, than this is my favorite style (image above). There are no sharp edges, smudges wipe right off (with a little Windex) and this style keeps things light and airy in a room that tends get cluttered with toys.

    So, before you rule (or throw) out your coffee table consider these options and ideas. You’ll be glad for a place to kick up your feet, rest your coffee and collect yours (and your little one’s) favorite books.

    Images: Mark TuckeyDesign Sponge, By Fryd, la la Lovely

July, 2013