What does it look like when art, design and theoretical science collide? Something like these 3D printed pendant lamps by Nervous System that we recently found on Velhetica. The detail is mesmerizing:


Built using a computer program that models nature's complex process of patterning such everyday things as animal's fur or a fish's scales, these designs show an extraordinary amount of depth. A video shows the process in animated form:

The natural, cellular look of these designs reminds me of some of my favorite organic-inspired pendant lighting from Possini Euro Design:


Clockwise from upper left: White Billowing Cloud Possini Euro Pendant ChandelierChanging Colors LED Pendant LightLilypad Opal Etched Glass Possini Euro Design Chandelier

With new fabrication techniques and advanced optics such as multi color LED lights, we can expect more sophisticated pendant lamp styles in the years to come. 

Images and Video: Velhetica