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  • Possini: Modern Ceiling Lights With Great Style

    Ceiling Lights

    Fabulous lighting doesn't always have to be a large chandelier or feature minimal designs in clusters to make a modern statement. Ceiling lights with great style can make a powerful design statement in any room. This bedroom scene from Inspiration for Decoration demonstrates this perfectly.

    The bedroom and powder room are great examples of spaces that function better with close-to-the-ceiling light fixtures. This powder room image below from  below is nothing less than fabulous.

    Bathroom Design

    We feature Possini, a brand with beautiful lighting and a great selection of ceiling lights like these below.

    Flush Mount Ceiling Lights

    1. Chrome Silver Crystal 18 1/2-Inch-H Ceiling Light 2. Possini Euro Lilypad Chrome Modern Ceiling Light 3. Chrome Crystal Burst Semi-Flush Possini Euro Ceiling Light 4. Possini Euro Chrome White Flower 12-Inch-H Ceiling Light 5. Possini Chrome 16 1/4-Inch-H Semi Flushmount Ceiling Light 6. Double Organza Possini Euro Flushmount Ceiling Light

    Images: Inspiration for Decoration, Pinterest

  • New Lighting Technologies: Projection Mapping

    projection mapping lighting technology

    Lights seem to be getting smarter all the time. By blending computers, robotics and a touch of human intervention, new lighting technologies can produce amazing results, as seen in all of these images from Colossal.

    The video above (also pictured above and below) by the San Francisco based design and engineering studio Bot & Dolly utilizes something called "projection mapping." Think of it (also known as "video mapping") as your home projector on steroids, able to imprint images on odd-shaped two- and three-dimensional surfaces to create stunning visuals and illusions.

    Projection Art Installation

    Projection mapping is currently the territory of techies, artists and advertisers, but it may give us a glimpse into the future of interactive lighting in our own homes. Imagine: cutting-edge wall lights that serve up news, movies, emails and more. Illumination that follows you, brightening and dimming, as you pass from room to room. All your household utilities, accessible by an app on your phone or tablet.

    It sounds like sci-fi, but the technology is already here, and much of it will be possible because of the versatility, light weight and energy efficiency of LEDs. These days, innovative LED lighting designs are restricted to the common forms you'd expect: chandeliers, pendants, table lamps, sconces, etc. In the future however, we may see them composing entire interactive walls in the living room. Or serving as intuitive nightlights along the floorboards in the middle of the night.

    When it comes to lighting technology, the sky is the limit...and the future is indeed bright.

    Images: Colossal

  • Designing The Modern Kids Reading Nook

    Do you love reading? I do, and I love it even more when I’m able to find the perfect reading nook to spend my time. I’m pretty certain kids feel the same way. With the start of school there is a lot of reading happening in our house these days. When it comes to reading, I never want it to feel like homework or a “have to”  because while reading is for learning, it is also very much for recreation and relaxation.

    A great way to encourage reading is to create a place just for reading.  I’m always taken by images of reading nooks that are creative, modern, imaginative, and above all, cozy. Fortunately, designing the modern kids reading nook isn't all that hard.

    Kids Tent

    Visions of a window seat or an old English library (books to the ceiling and only reachable by ladder) likely come to mind, but really the modern kids reading nook could simply be a carved out corner with some comfortable cushions on the floor like in this image above from Non Conformist.

    And, if you don’t have a corner, why not try a closet?


    I love this innovative use of space above from DIY Show Off. And, who knew that modern hanging light fixtures look so perfect in closets like in this space below from Leelah Loves? I’m certainly sold on this idea.

    Closet Design

    Maybe a cozy chair in tucked away in the corner of your family will do the trick. Regardless of where you design the modern kids reading nook, (and, lets be honest, yourself) incorporating these items that will quickly turn your spot into a modern reading respite:

    -Plug in wall lights
    -A cozy chair
    -A little table or stool for stacking books on
    -A blanket to curl up under
    -Your favorite book

    Reading Corner

    A few little additions and some re-arranging might just turn into your favorite spot like this one from Rarerina.

    Images: Pinterest, Non ConformistDIY Show Off, Leelah Loves, Rarerina

  • Nursery Design Ideas: Modern Kids Decor

    Modern Kids Decor

    When it comes to nursery design ideas, it's important for mama and papa to like the way the room looks too-- 'cause let's face it--we spend a whole lotta time in there. This room from Design Dots will do just fine.

    When I'm nursing my little-one to sleep on our rocking chair, I'm just sitting there staring around the room (and I do this about three times a day, and sometimes for as long as an hour!). So it's a good thing when the modern kids decor is easy on baby's AND mama's eyes. This all-white space from Tiny Warbler is perfect.

    Nursery Design

    Adding playful elements with clean lines ensure that the look and feel is modern, but not boring. Including some pops of pattern, like the chevron-patterned ottoman or the medallion throw pillows will make the space feel alive.

    That pretty petal fan will whisk both whimsy and fresh air into the room while the jewel lamps make the room feel precious--without feeling too precious--if you know what I mean.

    Home Decor

    Mervin Geometric White 28-Inch-H Media Stand, Delta Nickel Schiaparelli Pink Robert Abbey Table Lamp, Morgan Purple with White 30-Inch-H Accent Chair, Edna Orange and White Chevron Contemporary Ottoman, Earl Blue Plastic 27-Inch-H Rocking Chair, Modern Adair Blue Storage 18-Inch-H Ottoman with Tray, Wilco Glossy Yellow Modern 22 3/4-Inch-H Zuo Side Table, Yellow 15 1/2-Inch-H Woopsy Desk Lamp, Craftmade Bloom Ceiling Fan with Light - 52" Pink and White, Phante Green 16 1/2-Inch-H Zuo Modern Kids Chair, Brushed Steel with Aqua Interlace Shade Swing Arm Wall Lamp, Opal Glass 37-Inch-W Possini Euro Design Pendant, Jonathan Adler Left Giraffe Wall Sconce

    Nursery design ideas should always include lighting as a key element. For nap time there needs to be a diffused, soothing light--for night time it needs to be dark without being 'scary' dark, for play-time and reading time, there needs to calm, bright lighting. 

    Hope you enjoy my finds for modern kids decor that both baby and mama are sure to love.

    Images: Design Dots, Tiny Warbler

  • From Outfit to Interior: Black + Bold

    Black and Bold

    Modern Kitchen

    Ahhh, the first sweet whispers of fall are finally upon us! In the world of decor that means it's time to bring out those luxe blankets, rich woods, and some darker accessories for the upcoming cooler days and chillier nights. Ms. Black & Bold is ready for layering up her wardrobe right along with her home, that coat closet has been closed for too long! This stylish coat is from ASOS and that fabulous kitchen is courtesy Est Magazine.

    Desk Lamp

    Robert Abbey Albert Deep Patina Bronze Desk Lamp,

    Rich, dark metals add a touch of sophistication and depth that can't be matched. This weighty Robert Abbey Albert Deep Patina Bronze Desk Lamp is inspired by vintage designs and features an adjustable arm for just the right level of light at your desk.

    A glossy finish makes the Contemporary Black Gloss Mini Pendant Chandelier the perfect match to hang above her black stovetop! The art glass in the shape of a reverse champagne flute adds a sleek touch to our lady's kitchen. Upscale looks in island pendant lights are always a great way to step up your home décor.

    Pendant Chandelier

    We can all feel a little off-center some days, and the Tripod Base Black Floor Lamp says "Hey that's okay because I am, too!". The black fabric shade is mounted off-center for a quirky, abstract touch that's sure to catch everyone's eye.

    While thePlanet Chrome and Black Possini Euro Pendant Chandelier would be at home in any room, Ms. Black & Bold has it positioned center in her living room! The detailed, striking metal framework begs for attention while a white glass diffuser helps to set the mood.

    Wall Sconce

    The rich wood and faux leather of this set of two Laine Faux Leather Dining Chairs adds just the right touch of texture and warmth to any dining set. With a generously wide seat and comfortable arm rests, Ms. Black & Bold hosts many a dinner party that goes late into the night.

    A spotlight style Iris Modern Bronze Metal Robert Abbey Plug-In Wall Sconce is just what fall ordered to light up our lady's fireplace mantel or a long hallway! It features an adjustable shade and frosted glass diffuser, and can function either plugged into a wall or be converted to hard-wire. Industrial modern sconces are an awesome way to add some modern flair to your home.

    Images: ASOS, Est Magazine

September, 2013