Modern Clean House

Ever looked at those freakishly austere photos of minimalist, modern homes that we post and been stumped about how to keep your house clean like that? There is a simple answer: Never. Stop. Tidying.

Modern Bedroom

This advice comes courtesy of a recent Apartment Therapy story and the strategy is simple: cleaning your home isn't an hours-long affair on the weekends. It's a constant ritual. And it can become as easy and effortless as breathing. 

Modern Dining Room

To do this, think of your home the way a server would think of a restaurant dining room. As you move from one room into the next, look for things to tidy. Shoes out of place? Move them. Finished with a dish? Wash it. 

The trick of course, is making sure everything has its place in your home to begin with. Begin with an ample amount of modern shelving so you can keep table surfaces free of books and magazines:

Modern Driftwood Bookshelf

Morrissey Driftwood Bookshelf

Add a console table with drawers. Placed at the entryway or behind the couch, these are perfect utility spaces to stash random items like keys and remotes. Slim in design, many modern desks can serve this purpose too.

Modern Driftwood Console Table

Frameo Driftwood Console Table

And if you're serious about taking on the server analogy, keep a few stylish trays on hand. 

Modern Yellow Wood Tray

Monroe Yellow Wood Tray

Sure, learning how to keep your house clean like this takes a change of habit. But having weekend days free of cleaning (not to mention having a clean home worthy of a mod mag photo shoot) is worth it, isn't it?

Images: Est Magazine