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I'm a fan of incorporating mid-century modern details in interiors. From furniture, to art and lighting, pieces from the 40's, 50's and 60's are classic and quintessentially modern.

A whole room, however, doesn't have to be in the mid-century style to look great with mid-century details. Mixing beautiful items from different eras is one way to layer a room to make it feel truly timeless.

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Two-Tone Green with White Shade Ceramic Table Lamp, Draper Desk Lamp, Draper Floor Lamp, Northcrest Mid Century Table Lamp

A contemporary dining room might just need a white pendant light to make the space feel more modern--or a pair of miss-matching ceramic lamps on a teak credenza may add just the right amount of the handmade-modern feel.

Images: Flickr, Houzz, Blink Décor, Jenny Vorwaller, Danish Modern LA