Ceiling Lights

Fabulous lighting doesn't always have to be a large chandelier or feature minimal designs in clusters to make a modern statement. Ceiling lights with great style can make a powerful design statement in any room. This bedroom scene from Inspiration for Decoration demonstrates this perfectly.

The bedroom and powder room are great examples of spaces that function better with close-to-the-ceiling light fixtures. This powder room image below from  below is nothing less than fabulous.

Bathroom Design

We feature Possini, a brand with beautiful lighting and a great selection of ceiling lights like these below.

Flush Mount Ceiling Lights

1. Chrome Silver Crystal 18 1/2-Inch-H Ceiling Light 2. Possini Euro Lilypad Chrome Modern Ceiling Light 3. Chrome Crystal Burst Semi-Flush Possini Euro Ceiling Light 4. Possini Euro Chrome White Flower 12-Inch-H Ceiling Light 5. Possini Chrome 16 1/4-Inch-H Semi Flushmount Ceiling Light 6. Double Organza Possini Euro Flushmount Ceiling Light

Images: Inspiration for Decoration, Pinterest