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  • Get the Look: Scandinavian Modern Home Design


    Get the Look

    Image from Design Sponge

    This simple and gorgeous Scandinavian-style modern living room is giving me some serious house envy. I love all of the clean lines and the organic feel of it. The muted colors are perfect for such a lush background outside.

    But probably my favorite part of this space are some of the unique pieces that bring the whole room together. First up, that light. My goodness that light! I have always loved sputnik light fixtures and this one is gorgeous. The brass color is amazing. It’s so midcentury modern. European-inspired contemporary light fixtures are great for dressing up any modern space!

    The sofa is also super unique. The texture on the back is really interesting and I love that it is white. It makes the room seem fresh and even larger than it actually is.

    The folding chair for easy extra seating. I love that this chair takes up next to no room, but still gets the job done and looks amazing while doing it.

    Home Furnishings

    Sputnik Modern Brass Crystal Jonathan Adler Chandelier, Draper White Leatherette 22-Inch-H Zuo Lounge Chair, Zuo Carnival White Modular Sofa

    If you love this room, and want to try your hand at recreating it for your own home, you’re in luck! These pieces are great options for designing your very own Scandinavian-style modern living room.

    Image: Design Sponge, photo by Maxwell Tielman

  • Colorful Loft Style Home in Tribeca


    Yellow Purple Tribeca Loft

    We recently found this fun Tribeca loft featured in the amazing Est magazine. The homeowners are from Australia, but the angular purple and yellow motifs make it look as though this could be Prince's Manhattan play space. 

    Modern Manhattan Loft

    So as to not compete with the expressive colors everywhere, lighting fixtures are subdued and utilitarian, with architect style desk lamps and track lighting usurping form for function. Sometimes the best approach when decorating modern rooms is to opt for simple but contemporary ceiling lights and lamps.  

    Loft Kitchen Design

    In the kitchen, we love how glass and stainless steel cupboards and upscale looking island pendant lights play into the modern yet chic and functional vibe. 

    But most of all, we just love the color scheme, which purportedly takes its inspiration from the Blue Mountains in New South Wales, Australia:

    Purple and Yellow Decor

    Morgan Purple Accent Chair, Jonathan Adler Nickel Antwerp Desk Lamp, Yellow Spindle Round Accent Table

    The best thing about the scheme? It may be located in New York, but for a fan of the purple and gold Los Angeles Lakers (like yours truly), it could be right at home on the West coast too. So pick your favorite colors (or your team's) and started redecorating.

    Images: Est 

  • Black Fireplaces in Modern Living Rooms


    Black Fireplaces

    Image from Northern Light

    With cold weather arriving, fireplaces have become a focal point in modern living rooms once again. Whether you have a wood burning fireplace or a gas fireplace, you’ll most likely get some use out of it this Fall and Winter season.

    I personally love my fireplace! I love cuddling up on my sofa and watching the fire flicker in the night. Something else that I love is the contrast of a black fireplace against a white wall. It’s a lovely detail that can feel modern, fresh yet traditional and beautiful.

    Above we see a simple black fireplace in a minimal space. It’s paired with a giant mirror and an equally awesome black chair. Love!

    Dark Fireplace

    Image from Carol Reed

    I love how this black fireplace looks behind a pale color chair. A light detail that speaks volumes. Also, the collection of shells lining the mantel is another fantastic idea for adding stylish home accessories to your decor.

    Dark Wall

    Image from Show Home

    To take the bold black color up a notch, we see the wall behind the fireplace above painted black as well as the fireplace. It’s a very dramatic approach to this space and looks quite stunning.

    Modern Living Room

    Image from The Brick House

    This fireplace is painted in more of a mocha brown. It still looks striking against the white wall and is complimented with the brown butterfly chair.

    What are your thoughts on this fireplace trend?

    Images: Northern Light, Carol Reed, Show Home, The Brick House

  • Small Space Decorating Tips For a Modern Home


    Small Space Decorating

    Small space decorating can often be a struggle, but we have some tips for how to manage your tiny modern home. There's a few strategies you can implement, along with specific elements such as space-saving floor lamps, modern nesting tables or decorative mirrors.

    This image above demonstrates the stylish benefits of nesting tables. Pull them out when you need more surface space or tuck them away on a daily basis.

    Small Dining Room

    Sometimes, with small spaces different areas overlap. Like this tiny dining area and kitchen above. The absolute best way to visually distinguish areas is with lighting. For small spaces, small pendant lighting is ideal. And if it sparkles, even better!

    Wall Mirrors

    Mirrors, mirrors, mirrors! Whether you hang them on the wall or lean them on the floor, framed mirrors are a super easy way to help a space look larger than it is. Plus if you choose wisely, the style of frame can add tons of personality to a room as well.

    Modern Living Room

    Lean, and unobtrusive floor lamps are a key factor in small space living. You need light, but are often times short on surface area for table lamps.

    If you have any questions or need some additional advice, don't hesitate to post a comment...  Good luck with your tiny space!

    Images: Your Ideas, Miriam Kenly, La Maison, Marry Bee

  • Modern Luxury Hotel Design: Square Nine


    Modern Luxury Hotel Design

    What is the purpose of vacation? To disconnect. Relax. Recharge. Be inspired. Assuming so, it would then follow that those goals should serve as guiding principles in any modern luxury hotel design.

    Set amid the streets of historic Belgrade, Square 9 hits the mark.

    Modern Check-In Desk

    Public spaces such as the check-in desk (above) are both wide and open. Appointed with comfy recliners and contemporary lamps for living room and office settings, the spa (below) has a particularly relaxing feel.

    Modern European Spa

    Guest rooms have a handsome, minimalist look:

    Modern Hotel Guest Room

    Best Hotel Bathrooms

    There's a classic modern design theme that runs throughout the luxury hotel. Mid-century inspired modern sconces and wood paneling underscore the refined aesthetic that permeates the space. 

    Mid Century Hotel Room

    Disconnect. Relax. Recharge. Be Inspired? That's shouldn't just be the goal of a luxury hotel design.

    Design with these ideas in mind at home too. We're particularly happy with how his and hers wall lamps add a comforting, golden touch to the bedside.

    Holkoetter Wall Lamps

    Top to bottom: Holtkoetter Bernie Turbo Brushed Brass Swing Arm Wall Lamp, Holtkoetter Bernie Brass Wall Lamp

    Every time my hotel bill creeps up near $200/night or above (not all that often, mind you), I find myself doing the math. For the cost of a few nights, it's possible to deck out your room at home for the entire year. Something to think about when you book your next dream vacation.  

     Images: e-architect, Square Nine

October, 2013