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  • Spooky Architecture

    Concrete Misplots

    Copy from Iain Claridge

    Happy Halloween everyone!!!

    In honor of today's spooky day, we'd like to share some spooky architecture...which are also cool of course!

    Insect Architecture

    Image from Amazing Buzz

    Ghost House

    Image from Dezeen

    Crooked Architecture

    Image from Unusual Architecture

    Spider Architecture

    Image from Funny Art Pictures

    We hope our cool architecture doesn't cause any nightmares.......

    Hope you all have a fun and safe night tonight!

    Images: Iain Claridge, Amazing Buzz, Dezeen, Unusual Architecture, Funny Art Pictures

  • Home Styling With a Color Crush: Turquoise


    Image from Rue Magazine

    When styling the perfect home, few colors are as relaxing or peaceful as turquoise. It's that perfect shade of ocean-y blue that has the power to transport you to a beach in the middle of the work week, when all of your vacation days are already earmarked for the upcoming holidays. It can make you feel like you're drifting in the clear blue sky on a warm, early summer day. So why not bring a little of it into your home to experience every day?

    Modern Table Lamp

    The Cloud Sky Blue Glass Jamie Young Table Lamp looks like a beautiful piece of sea glass and features a subtly quilted texture on its base. It can make any room feel a little breezier and relaxed. When in doubt, never shy away from using a modern lamp styles for today's home, they're classic and always functional.

    If glamour is your thing, look no further than  Made By Girl's Chevron Ikat Teal Silver Swag Chandelier! The pretty mix of chevron and ikat patterns give any space this chandelier swings in a fun personality.

    Modern Pendant Light

    A trio of these Mason Steel Blue LBL Pendant Lights would add an instant dose of modernism to any space – think in the kitchen, down the hallway, in the bathroom. The simple design is sleek and cool. It would definitely classify as an upscale look in island pendant lighting.

    The hand-blown, hand-painted recycled glass of the Envy Hand Blown Glass Decorative Cylinder is both vivid and unique. Place it on a shelf or in a corner that might otherwise go unnoticed.

    Ottoman Pouf

    One of my favorite things is when cool colors are mixed with otherwise warm materials (and vice versa). A Teal Blue Pouf Modern Roped Cotton Ottoman fits nicely into this category and this cooler October weather.

    The lines of this Ceramic Gourd Teal and Tan Table Lamp are meant to mimic gently swaying coral, while the beautiful blues provide a great splash of color! Pun intended, of course.

    Image: Rue Magazine

  • Lightning or Lighting? Cloud Pendant

    cloud pendant lighting

    Perhaps you've seen this literally floating around the web: Richard Clarkson, a masters candidate at the School of Visual Arts in New York, has created a new cloud pendant design that lights up from within with streaks of LED lightning (see it in action at the images link at the bottom of this post). 

    thunderstorm pendant

    It's a compelling design for sky watchers, but Clarkson actual goal was to create something that could "control, read, and interact with the physical world." In that regard, his thunderstorm lamp increases in intensity as a person approaches and triggers the sound of thunder from a linked sub-woofer.   

    While a thunderstorm may not be ideal for the dining table, Clarkson's design illustrates a growing focus on interactivity in domestic product design. Because this was a student research/creative project, Euro Style Lighting is not carrying the cloud lamp...yet.

    cloud pendant design

    White Billowing Cloud Possini Euro Pendant Chandelier

    In the meantime, you can enjoy an abstracted version of the design with one of our favorites, the Cloud Pendant from Possini Euro Design. It won't rumble and shake your floorboards, and it promises not to rain on your table. And it even ships for free. 

    Images: Fast Company

  • LED Street Lanterns in NYC

    Big changes may be coming to a street near you: the City of New York recently announced plans to outfit all 250,000 LED street lanterns by 2017. The net savings to the city is estimated at 14 million dollars per year, and the characteristic orange-tinted glow (seen in the fabulous photo above by Kenneth Rockwell) may soon appear whiter. 

    LA LED Street Lights

    I'll never forget the first time I realized the street lamp outside my house had been replaced by an LED filament (my hometown of Los Angeles recently completed the retrofitting of more than 141,000 lights). The light was bright, clear and best of all, didn't have the hum or flicker of the old high-pressure sodium lamps. As the nation's largest cities realize the savings of LED, it's likely we'll see more and more municipalities follow suit.

    And with that may come wider adoption in home and commercial settings as well. LEDs have made their way into all outdoor styles, from cozy barn wall lights to these LED retro street lanterns:

    Royal Solar Bronze LED Triple Lamp PostSolar LED Black Outdoor Lamp Post

    Easy to maintain. Reduction of carbon emissions. Saving money. With LED retrofit options for everything from street lights to recessed ceiling lights, LED is fast becoming a no-brainer...for the heads of cities and the heads of households alike.

    Images: Ken Rockwell, Forbes

  • Cool Style With Fun Lamp Shades

    Cool Style

    Image from Justina Blakeney

    Lamp shades are so great because it's such an effortless, economical update for a room.  Whether you add a new shade to an old lamp, or have several shades for your favorite lamp that you switch up when you get board, changing something as simple as a lampshade can have a HUGE impact on a space.

    With so many patterns and textures to choose from, it can be difficult to know which lamp shade to pick for the lamp, so I've done the work for you! I've looked through the enormous selection of patterns and colors of lamp shades and picked out my favorites.

    Flower Lamp Shade

    Multicolor Flowers Drum 13-Inches-H Lamp Shade, Orange Floral Drum 10-Inches-H Lamp Shade, Guatemalan Print Drum Lamp Shade 14x14x10 (Spider)

    The first three are colorful and fun and would look great in spaces with a bohemian bend, spaces with lots of white that needed some bright, happy accents, and I could see them looking perfect in rooms that are going for a young and fresh vibe.

    Black Lamp Shade

    Black with Gray Scroll 11-Inches-H Lamp Shade, Blue Leaf Print Drum Lamp Shade 14x16x11 (Spider), Mud Cloth Print Drum Lamp Shade 15x15x10 (Spider)

    These three lamp shades are perfect for gender-neutral spaces, rooms with lots of wooden, earthy elements, rooms that need a bit of whimsy, but not much color.

    Geometric Lamp Shade

    Geometric Shapes 11 1/2-Inches-H Orange Lamp Shade, Embroidered Hourglass 14-Inches-W Lamp Shade, Tan Ikat Pattern Drum 12-Inches-W Lamp Shade

    And these three are good choices for sophisticated, well-traveled spaces, modern rooms that need a little punch of pattern, but with a soft color palette.

    Which shade would you choose?

    Image: Justina Blakeney

October, 2013