Modern Home Office

One of my favorite colors to add to a space if I want it to have a little more fun and character is royal blue. I don’t know why, but to me it just seems like a bright and fun color. I love to wear it, so why not dress up your home in it?

A little royal blue table lamp here, a royal blue patterned rug there. Can you kind of see what I mean about it being fun? And even though it can be a fun color to add to a room, I think it is one of those rare colors that can be fun and sophisticated at the same time.

Especially if the royal blue is in a sophisticated fabric. Like on an arm chair for example. If you have a velvet like fabric covered royal blue arm chair, it adds both fun and sophistication to the room instantly. I love it! This royal blue office is amazing (image from House to Home). I love how the pop of color from the modern armless chair plays off of the royal blue on the walls.

Generally I am a white walls kind of girl, but I think I could definitely live with a pretty royal blue office. Especially if it looks like this!

Home Decor

Casey Royal Blue Lightweight Resin Round Wall Mirror, Color Plus Ovo Envy with Satin Dark Blue Shade Table LampMarine Blue Square Set of 2 Outdoor Accent Pillows

This mirror! My jaw literally dropped when I saw it. I think I need it! Just look at the detailing and the bright royal blue being all shiny and asking to come home with me.

The lamp is a good mixture of colors. The bright green and the royal blue combined make for a lot of fun. All from one lamp!

The pillows are the perfect little pop of royal blue to add to your sofa or bed. I love how simple they are. They would look awesome with some mix and matched patterned pillows.

Image: House to Home