Artists Live Work Studio Design  

Artists' live work studios just look...well...more creative. Maybe it's the attention to aesthetics or the unconventional approach to space, but these homes usually compel a sense of awe and a-ha for those who enter.

Artist Vik Muniz's home in Brooklyn is a textbook example. The loft (pictured at the top of the post) is a tale of opposites: part lab, part comfortable home. Nonetheless, creature comforts abound, such as this cozy bedroom, decorated tastefully with collectibles:


The dining area is clean, open and ready to entertain. Notice the pendant lighting over the table. For a bright and easy look in the kitchen or dining room, nothing beats decorating with island pendant lights

Loft Dining Room

A wall of books or a comfortable couch to sink into? What family could live without them?

Loft Library

Whether it's an architect's lamp for bedside lighting or a brushed steel ceiling fan, each room in Muniz's home strikes that delicate balance between functional work space and homey living space.

Architects Desk Lamp

Dimond Ingleside Chrome Desk Lamp

Modern Ceiling Fan

Modern Fan Cirrus Ceiling Fan

Living the loft dream does have a certain appeal. A 15 second commute from bedroom to office? Check. Creative space? Check. With an open floor plan and an open mind, you can get the artist/designer look with modern hanging light fixtures, simple but stylish mid-century furniture, and a few well-place pieces of art along the walls.

How about you? Do you live in a live/work space? We'd love to see photos! 

Images: Financial Times, Elle Decor