Contemporary Table Lamps

Art, furniture, area rugs, wall paint, wood floors........ All of these elements play a role into how awesome any modern home can look. But sometimes it's the subtle detail, like a contemporary table lamp that makes all the difference in trendy home styles!

This space above, designed by Emily Henderson, has all the right elements, including a little of the newest design in contemporary table lamps for living room spaces, which grounds the gallery wall and bring the artwork down to the furniture level.

Plus, appropriate light in the evenings is always a plus.

Modern Bedroom

To be clear, trendy modern lighting is not just for late-night book reading or entertaining. Contemporary table lamps can be the pop of color a room needs, like in this image above from Caitlin Wilson.

Modern Home Office

Trying to work with a small space? Transparency is key. This image from Fancy Home Design is a great example with transparent seating and a stylish table lamp. None of which clutters the tiny office space.

Modern Living Room

This sort of whimsically, modern living room above from The Style Files uses baroque-style table lamps to add some personality. We love the boldness of black in any space.

Here's some options to get the looks above.


1. Vienna Full Spectrum Stacked Chain 26-1/2-Inch-H Table Lamp 2. Baroque Black Acrylic 20-Inch-H Table Lamp 3. Delta Nickel Schiaparelli Pink Robert Abbey Table Lamp 4. Modern Splash Vanilla Ceramic Rectangular Table Lamp

Images: Emily Henderson, Caitlin Wilson, Fancy Home DesignThe Style Files