Design History

Above image courtesy of Tend Hunter

I've been a long time fan of Hans Wegner's Wishbone chairs. They have a classic feel to them. They're one of those pieces that are rustic, yet modern. When scouring through magazines and Pinterest you can find them trending big time!

I love the way they come in different hues, which makes them easier to go into any dining room to reflect the home's style. They pair perfectly with contemporary light fixtures like in this image below from Jill Stein.

Modern Dining Room

Wishbone Y Natural Wood Side Chairs

Your dining room style is an extension of your kitchen - whether or not they are next to each other, they should tie into one another. As you may know, these wishbone style dining chairs are not inexpensive. Lucky for us, there are similar chairs for less than half the price of the original. Now, it might not be the original, but if you want the look, this is a great alternative to put in your home!

Dining Room Design

Wishbone Dark Brown Wood Side Chair

Why not make your modern dining room stylish and trendy with these Wishbone chairs like in this image above from Craft & Culture? You won't regret this update to your home!

Would you add these to your dining room?

Images: Trend Hunter, Jill Stein Interior DesignCraft and Couture