Modern Luxury Hotel Design

What is the purpose of vacation? To disconnect. Relax. Recharge. Be inspired. Assuming so, it would then follow that those goals should serve as guiding principles in any modern luxury hotel design.

Set amid the streets of historic Belgrade, Square 9 hits the mark.

Modern Check-In Desk

Public spaces such as the check-in desk (above) are both wide and open. Appointed with comfy recliners and contemporary lamps for living room and office settings, the spa (below) has a particularly relaxing feel.

Modern European Spa

Guest rooms have a handsome, minimalist look:

Modern Hotel Guest Room

Best Hotel Bathrooms

There's a classic modern design theme that runs throughout the luxury hotel. Mid-century inspired modern sconces and wood paneling underscore the refined aesthetic that permeates the space. 

Mid Century Hotel Room

Disconnect. Relax. Recharge. Be Inspired? That's shouldn't just be the goal of a luxury hotel design.

Design with these ideas in mind at home too. We're particularly happy with how his and hers wall lamps add a comforting, golden touch to the bedside.

Holkoetter Wall Lamps

Top to bottom: Holtkoetter Bernie Turbo Brushed Brass Swing Arm Wall Lamp, Holtkoetter Bernie Brass Wall Lamp

Every time my hotel bill creeps up near $200/night or above (not all that often, mind you), I find myself doing the math. For the cost of a few nights, it's possible to deck out your room at home for the entire year. Something to think about when you book your next dream vacation.  

 Images: e-architect, Square Nine