Bamboo Decor

Bamboos are some of the fastest-growing plants in the world, not to mention beautiful. This makes them a sustainable decor option, as well as an effective use for stylish and modern home decorating ideas.

In addition to being used to construct all kinds of modern design objects, from flooring and furniture to home accessories, they have culinary and medicinal uses. They have also been used to create everything from paper to musical instruments and even textiles. 

In China, bamboo is a symbol of longevity and in India it symbolizes friendship. It's no wonder that bamboo has been used for centuries to inspire and decorate homes around the world and continue to upgrade modern home styles today.

Modern Living Room

Image courtesy of Décor Demon

Besides its versatility and sustainability, I think it's a gorgeous plant with its segmented hollow stems and delicate leaves.

It's a playful way to bring the outdoors in.

Home Decor

Bamboo can be used as inspiration, like with these bamboo-shaped table legs on the brass tray table above, or as a material like with these bamboo base table lamps, or even as a motif like the bamboo print pendant lamp.

Adding bamboo in your modern home will add sustainability and create a look that is at once organic, laid back and chic.

1. Brushed Steel Lush Bamboo Giclee 5 1/2-Inch-H Pendant 2. Rift Reclining 24-Inch-H Nova Lighting Table Lamp 3. Jonathan Adler Meurice Antique Brass Metal Wall Sconce 4. Gold Leaf Bamboo Rectangular 32-Inch-H Tray Table 5. Thumprints Nandina Bamboo 31-Inch-H Unique Table Lamp 6. Collapsible Rice Paper Bamboo 51-Inch-H Floor Lamp 7. Stanton Bronze Metal Dimond Floor Lamp with Tray Table

Images: The Z Hush, Décor Demon