OLED Lighting Technology

Smart fabric? Sounds like the stuff of science fiction, but it may become reality if scientists at UCLA have any say.

Through recent developments in lighting technology, a team of researchers have been able to create an OLED (organic light-emitting device) capable of being stretched, folded and even doubled in size. See it in action below:

The possibilities are staggering: wearable and crushable electronics are the obvious application (smart coats anyone?), but there is every reason to believe that OLEDs will dramatically alter the lighting and home decor industries too. 

Like bedside plug-in wall lights for nighttime reading? How about OLED pillows that double as e-readers and even display weather information in the morning?

Or colorful drum lamp shades for your modern living room? How about entire walls that change color and pattern to fit the mood, time or season? 

With these new technologies come new ways to think of space, and for the modern design lover, new ways to de-clutter it too. We're excited to explore the possibilities when the first OLED designs hit the market.

Images: Architect Magazine