Stylish Decor Details

Images from Fancy Cribs

Stylish decor is all in the details... For the home, this might mean little things like home accessories, decorative pillows or drum lamp shades. Getting creative with drum lamp shades for modern interiors is a quick and easy way to add personality to your space without spending too much money.

This chic living room above is full of small details that matter and it works really well! Adding contemporary table lamps for living room is the easiest way to provide not only light to your space, but sculpture and style.

Modern Bedroom

The bedroom of this home is just as stylish as the living room! Cool lighting all around.... And check out those bold lamp shades. Here's a few ideas for nailing the same look.

From top to bottom: Hardback Drum 12-Inches-H Black Lamp Shade, Embroidered Peacock Drum Lamp Shade 15x16x10.5 (Spider), Linen Cylinder 11-Inches-H Black Lamp Shade

Modern Lighting

Here's a fun selection of our modern drum shades, but we have lots more where those came from....!

Modern Drum Shades

1. Linen Drum Cylinder 11-Inches-H Ivory Lamp Shade 2. Sophisticated 8 1/2-Inches-H Black Fabric Drum Lamp Shade 3. Mud Cloth Print Drum Lamp Shade 15x15x10 (Spider) 4. Drum 11-Inches-H Black Velvet and Floral Print Lamp Shade 5. Embroidered Hourglass 14-Inches-W Lamp Shade

Images: Fancy Cribs