cloud pendant lighting

Perhaps you've seen this literally floating around the web: Richard Clarkson, a masters candidate at the School of Visual Arts in New York, has created a new cloud pendant design that lights up from within with streaks of LED lightning (see it in action at the images link at the bottom of this post). 

thunderstorm pendant

It's a compelling design for sky watchers, but Clarkson actual goal was to create something that could "control, read, and interact with the physical world." In that regard, his thunderstorm lamp increases in intensity as a person approaches and triggers the sound of thunder from a linked sub-woofer.   

While a thunderstorm may not be ideal for the dining table, Clarkson's design illustrates a growing focus on interactivity in domestic product design. Because this was a student research/creative project, Euro Style Lighting is not carrying the cloud lamp...yet.

cloud pendant design

White Billowing Cloud Possini Euro Pendant Chandelier

In the meantime, you can enjoy an abstracted version of the design with one of our favorites, the Cloud Pendant from Possini Euro Design. It won't rumble and shake your floorboards, and it promises not to rain on your table. And it even ships for free. 

Images: Fast Company