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  • Get the Look With Modern Dining Chairs


    Modern Dining Room

    When it comes to modern dining rooms – everyone wants comfortable chairs. It’s something my clients always insist on. They want friends and family to stay for hours enjoying themselves and not want to leave. I know this is something I thought about when purchasing my very own dining room chairs. It’s hard when you want a certain style and some modern dining chairs can be a little uncomfortable. Nobody wants that!

    Wishbone Chairs

    Wishbone Y Natural Wood Side Chairs

    There's two modern chairs that I’ve used that I can promise will keep guests hanging around well past your desired time. Two in particular are my favorites to work with – the Wishbone chair and the White Plastic chair. Both have incredible lines and can be added to just about any style of home. They mix well with other mid-century modern furniture, industrial touches and contemporary ceiling lights.They also provide a more classic look. You really can’t go wrong with these beauties.

    White Dining Chair

    Azzo Matte with White Plastic 32-Inch-H Side Chairs

    Do you have a favorite between these two chairs?

    Images: Studio Paterakis, Catherine Kwong, House and Home

  • Warm Decorative Pillows For Cool Home Decor


    Warm Decorative Pillows

    Image from Meg Biram

    Nothing says cozy like a collection of warm fuzzy decorative pillows on a stylish sofa. It also allows you to play with a variety of patterns, colors and textures when styling you home decor. You can keep with a consistent color scheme or you can mix different colors to create a whimsical look. Whatever you choose, don’t be afraid to place a stripe by a floral or an ikat by polka dots.

    I love how elegant the pillows look displayed on the sofa above. Metallics are displayed next to furs and neutral tones. Such a beautiful set up! Decorative pillows in all patterns and colors are a great way to simply add lots of personality to any space.

    Modern Living Room

    Image from Daily Dream Decor

    This sofa has a collection of jewel toned pillows in different sizes that compliment this sophisticated room perfectly. The yellow pillow also pulls from the table lamp sitting behind the sofa. It’s a very intentional detail that adds so much.

    Colorful Pillows

    Image from Décor 8

    When decorating a minimalist space, you want to be careful of adding too much patterns and textures. Above we see a simple gray sofa accessorized with simple colorful pillows with hardly any patterns shown. The colors in the pillows compliment the art piece as well as some of the wooden elements.

    Neutral Pillows

    Image from The Life Styled

    Notice that each one of these pillows are completely different from the other and still they all brilliantly work together. Each individual pillow ties well together with at least one other pillow. Whether it’s consistent colors or complementing patterns, it’s a gorgeous collection. And it pulls out the colors in the art pieces nicely.

    Image: Meg Biram, Daily Dream Décor, Decor8, The Life Styled

  • Modern Design Elegance: Black + Gold


    Moden Architecture

    Image from Remodelista

    Whether it's architecture or interiors, we're not alone in our love for the boldness of black. This risky, bold color can be found everywhere nowadays. The perfect partner for this hue is gold!

    Keep in mind, gold doesn't have to mean a metallic material.... Take a look at the image above, even the glow from modern pendant lighting and the wood furniture provides a gold element to the space. It softens the boldness of the black architecture.

    Dark Bedroom

    Image from Décor 8

    Like the architecture above, this bold room is dramatic and chic. The gold, found in the lamp and the wood tones, soften it up a bit and make I the perfect space for rest.

    Here's some ideas for incorporating this dark color into your modern home.

    Home Furnishings

    1. Bronze Gold Art Glass 11-Inch-H Rectangle Wall Sconce 2. Vela Gold 40 1/4-Inch-W Sunburst Wall Mirror 3. Contemporary Black Metal Possini Euro Dome Pendant Light  4. Lulu Bronze Burst Babette Holland Table Lamp 5. Paige Black Upholstered 39-Inch-H Wingback Chair 6. Bachelor 1-Drawer Driftwood 24-Inch-W TV Table

    Images: Remodelista, Décor 8

  • Closet + Casa Style: Bring the Outdoors In


    Home Design Style

    Image from Home Life

    I don't know how it happened, but over the years I've really come to enjoy nature and the idea of bringing the outdoors in to my closet and my home. Chalk it up to all the forced camping trips and Girl Scout excursions I took as a kid, but nowadays, one of the easiest ways for me to unwind is to go out to the country, have no access to digital anything, and enjoy the peace that nature brings. I can't believe I even just wrote that!

    When it comes to decorating, I've similarly been drawn to the idea of bringing the outdoors in, whether that's through big doors that open up to an outdoor entertaining area, or using free form, organic shapes, like with pieces that are crafted to imitate branches. When you have a very modern aesthetic, there's something about the movement in branches that breaks up clean lines in a room, while still looking polished and interesting -- even artful.

    Couture Fashion

    Image from

    The branch trend has been everywhere in the fashion world lately too, and funnily enough, I think I'd be more apt to use it in home design styling before I wore it on my own! For some reason, I think the look is a lot more daring when it's on your person. It's very modern tree-hugger, don't you think?

    Modern Living Room

    Image from Home & Delicious

    Here are some branchy inspired pieces I found for both interior and personal style. What do you think of this trend?

    Home Furnishing

    Modern Branch Chrome Possini Euro Ceiling Light | Ted Baker Dress | Marni Blouse | Marni Skirt | Noemi Klein Necklace | Troy Adirondack Graphite Silver Leaf Six Light Chandelier | Eurofase Filigree Modern Chrome Clear Crystal Chandelier | Bamboo Iron with Granite Set of 2 Nesting Tables | Mary Katrantzou Blouse

    Images: Sharyn Cairns for HomeLife, Alessandro Viero, Zuhair Murad FW 2013 show via, Home & Delicious

  • International Design Pavilions: Coke in London


    Big events like the Olympics and World's Fairs are a great place to discover the best in international design, and pavilions such as Coca Cola's at last year's London games eloquently showcase the vision of contemporary artists, architects and designers.

    Designed by Asif Khan and Pernilla Ohrstedt, the pavilion represents the brand's ubiquitous red and white color scheme in a series of more than 200 "air pillows" that, when touched by guests, reproduce a variety of sounds from Olympic theme song to the sound of sports being played.

    With more than 200,000 visitors expected, the result is the ultimate crowd-sourced remix. And it represents yet another hybrid in which lighting and interactivity combine to produce stunning results.

    While still only the conceptual fodder of international design events, designs like these may one day be commonplace among European household lighting fixtures sold in retail stores - until then, be inspired by our innovative European-inspired designs

    Images: Architizer, Domus

November, 2013