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  • Modern Design Elegance: Black + Gold


    Moden Architecture

    Image from Remodelista

    Whether it's architecture or interiors, we're not alone in our love for the boldness of black. This risky, bold color can be found everywhere nowadays. The perfect partner for this hue is gold!

    Keep in mind, gold doesn't have to mean a metallic material.... Take a look at the image above, even the glow from modern pendant lighting and the wood furniture provides a gold element to the space. It softens the boldness of the black architecture.

    Dark Bedroom

    Image from Décor 8

    Like the architecture above, this bold room is dramatic and chic. The gold, found in the lamp and the wood tones, soften it up a bit and make I the perfect space for rest.

    Here's some ideas for incorporating this dark color into your modern home.

    Home Furnishings

    1. Bronze Gold Art Glass 11-Inch-H Rectangle Wall Sconce 2. Vela Gold 40 1/4-Inch-W Sunburst Wall Mirror 3. Contemporary Black Metal Possini Euro Dome Pendant Light  4. Lulu Bronze Burst Babette Holland Table Lamp 5. Paige Black Upholstered 39-Inch-H Wingback Chair 6. Bachelor 1-Drawer Driftwood 24-Inch-W TV Table

    Images: Remodelista, Décor 8

  • How to Create a Cozy and Modern Guest Bedroom


    Modern Guest Bedroom

    Image from Elle Décor

    It’s that time of year when we often find ourselves opening our homes to friends and family. Whether you have one guest or many, it's always nice to offer a space that's just as interesting as it is relaxing. There is just something to be said about staying in a room (or home) that is thoughtfully designed and well curated.

    The room pictured above is a great example of a well designed guest bedroom. There is a good amount of color and yet the room still sings of simplicity because of its white walls, black and white bedding and modern furniture.

    Create this designer look with modern hanging light fixtures. In fact, whenever I decorate a bedroom, I always like to start with the lighting. It’s always the focal point of the room. This particular fixture is both glamorous and modern, and you just can’t beat that combination. 

    The bedside lighting is styled with playful mix matched table lamps. And, although the lamps are different colors they are still cohesive because they're the same shape. 

    Once you have the main elements in place, you can then have a bit of fun with the walls and the floor. I love the vintage looking gallery wall just above the very colorful geometric rug. It all works together, so perfectly. When you mix old and new, high and low, vintage and modern you almost always end up with seriously beautiful space that is anything but serious.

    Home Furnishings

    1. Sputnik Nickel with Crystal Jonathan Adler Chandelier 2. Haeger Potteries White Bristol Table Lamp 3. Carmela Walnut 23 1/2-Inch-W Side Table 4. Large Ocean Blue Bristol Ceramic Haeger Potteries Table Lamp 5. Emdee Canyon Wool 50-Inch-W Decorative Throw Blanket

    While the décor of a guest room plays a big part in making your guests feel welcomed, I always like to make sure that my guest room always has comfortable sheets, an soft throw, water by the bedside, small soaps, a book or two and a snack within reach. Sometimes, it’s the little things that make the biggest difference.

    I put together a few pieces above to get you started on an interesting and inviting guest room just like the one above.

    Image: Elle Decor

  • Modern Thanksgiving Table Decorations


    Modern Thanksgiving Tables

    With Turkey day only two days away, you may have spent all your time and energy on the menu and forgotten about the other half of the meal: Thanksgiving table decorations.

    Fear not, host or hostess. A stunning table is simple. Remember what you learned in school: this is a celebration of what we have, not what we don't have. So take a look around. Plants in the garden? Leaves? Branches? Even desert flora works.



    Pumpkins are a must for the holiday. For an extra modern look, avoid colored squash and go for a neutral white or painted metallic pumpkin instead.


    Don't have a stunning vase for the center of the table. Mix and match. A line-up of mismatched vases, milk bottles and mason jars can be absolutely beautiful, as pictured both below and at the top of this post. 


    Need a few new decorative elements? Start with a cluster of Edison bulbs or other contemporary island pendant light styles. Add a mix of rustic and modern decor and you're set for the holiday table and all year round.


    Europa 8 Light Adjustable Bronze Swag Chandelier, Nambe Swoop Cheese Board with Knife, Yellow Set of 4 Stacking Chairs, Dark Smoke Glass Bottle Vase, Titus Rusty Elm Zuo Dining Table, Glacier Glass White Resin Small Vase

    Remember however, you don't need to break the bank on new holiday decor. Thanksgiving is about giving out thanks, not your entire paycheck.

    Images: Ruffled, Apartment Therapy, Food 52, Apples and Onions, Pinterest

  • Home Styling With a Color Crush: White


    White Decor

    Image from Dwell

    Someone asked me my favorite color today and for the first time in years I didn't answer red. I said white instead, and didn't realize it was true until the words were already out of my mouth. I style my home with my white color crush more than any other color.

    The reason? White can take on many styles and doesn't compete, often times you don't realize what's so interesting about a white object until you take a closer look. And I love that!

    Modern Chandelier

    This Robert Abbey Havana Modern Nickel with White Chandelier is the definition of retro-chic with a modern twist. The perforated metal cocktail shaker shaped lights are a great example of what you find when you look a little closer!

    White and metal mix so well together, so clean and crisp! This Modern White Twitter Bird Accent Lamp combines modern lines with nature with a result that's both contemporary and whimsical. (Also an affordable gift for your favorite social media addict!)

    Modern Table Lamp

    The white ceramic base of the Cosgrove Modern Table Lamp has so much depth and texture, it almost looks like it belongs in the sea with the anemones. Such a great sculpted piece to add dimension to any room.

    I love a good wall mirror but find it difficult to find anything in white that doesn't look too pristine. By adding white leather with an adjustable strap, this Jamie Young Round Wall Mirror has accomplished the perfect balance of a piece that's a little rugged and loved.

    Modern Bench

    The Contemporary Chelsea Stitched Cream Bonded Leather Bench has a great mid-century look and great lines. Look a little closer at the leather though and you'll pick up on the beautifully subtle patter that makes this piece a champion.

    White has a lovely way of showing highlights and lowlights, and I can't think of a better example than this White Billowing Cloud Possini Euro Pendant Chandelier. Total glamour, diffused light, and an organic modern cloud design are sure to make it the showstopper in any room.

    Image: Dwell

  • Warm Decorative Pillows For Cool Home Decor


    Warm Decorative Pillows

    Image from Meg Biram

    Nothing says cozy like a collection of warm fuzzy decorative pillows on a stylish sofa. It also allows you to play with a variety of patterns, colors and textures when styling you home decor. You can keep with a consistent color scheme or you can mix different colors to create a whimsical look. Whatever you choose, don’t be afraid to place a stripe by a floral or an ikat by polka dots.

    I love how elegant the pillows look displayed on the sofa above. Metallics are displayed next to furs and neutral tones. Such a beautiful set up! Decorative pillows in all patterns and colors are a great way to simply add lots of personality to any space.

    Modern Living Room

    Image from Daily Dream Decor

    This sofa has a collection of jewel toned pillows in different sizes that compliment this sophisticated room perfectly. The yellow pillow also pulls from the table lamp sitting behind the sofa. It’s a very intentional detail that adds so much.

    Colorful Pillows

    Image from Décor 8

    When decorating a minimalist space, you want to be careful of adding too much patterns and textures. Above we see a simple gray sofa accessorized with simple colorful pillows with hardly any patterns shown. The colors in the pillows compliment the art piece as well as some of the wooden elements.

    Neutral Pillows

    Image from The Life Styled

    Notice that each one of these pillows are completely different from the other and still they all brilliantly work together. Each individual pillow ties well together with at least one other pillow. Whether it’s consistent colors or complementing patterns, it’s a gorgeous collection. And it pulls out the colors in the art pieces nicely.

    Image: Meg Biram, Daily Dream Décor, Decor8, The Life Styled

November, 2013