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  • Classical Meets Modern: The House Hotel


    Classical Yet Modern House Hotel in Istanbul

    There's something infectious about eclectic design; you know, that not-easily-recreated look in which classical usually abuts modern. The House Hotel Galatasaray, in Istanbul, Turkey, is a sterling example of this approach.

    Eclectic Hotel in Turkey

    The hotel in a word? Grand. In two more words? Tastefully so. Original moldings are whitewashed and blend beautifully with exposed wood and refined modern sconces.

    The renovation of this 120 year old space takes a refined approach in which only a tightly curated selection of classically modern lighting fixtures occur repeatedly in public and private spaces.

    Stylish Hotel Guestrooms

    Lighting Fixtures in Hotel

    Intricate molding befitting a Turkish mansion may not be all that easy to come by in a contemporary house, but lighting fixtures with gold and brass finishes can evoke that classic yet modern vibe:

    Mid Century Modern LightingTwin Arm Antique Brass Raschella Table LampJonathan Adler Meurice Antique Brass Metal Wall SconceDalton Satin Brass Arteriors Home Floor Lamp

    ...or if you don't feel like living with the look 365 days a year, book a flight to Istanbul. Remember to book your room in advance: the House Hotel Galatasaray has only 20 suites.

    Images: Yatzer

  • Creating a Calming Bedroom in a Modern Home


    Calming Bedroom

    Do you consider your bedroom a relaxing space? I find that when a space looks visually relaxing it is easier to physically relax, rest, and, in turn, sleep. Creating a calming bedroom in your modern home is an important key to happiness in your abode.

    Life can be complicated and, sometimes, our style can be too. The bedroom is a great space, in your home to keep simple.  In fact, it doesn’t take much at to make the space a perfect place to snooze.

    Modern Bedroom

    I love the idea of keeping a bedroom as neutral as possible and then adding in a few key pieces that bring instant character and interest to the room.

    The best place to start is with simple white bedding. This often makes you feel like you are at a luxurious hotel.  Next, focus on stylish bedside lighting. Do you prefer a modern lamp style for today's trendy bedroom, a gorgeous chandelier or maybe some refined modern sconces on either side of the bed? Great lighting brings beauty and function. And, don’t be afraid to add in some color. A calming pop of color on a lampshade, pillow or rug, goes a long way and brings just the right amount life.

    Rustic Bedroom

    Finish the space with the necessities, like a rug to keep your feet warm when you step out of bed, a bedside table or lounge chair to collect your books and an alarm clock to wake you! With a bedroom like this you’ll never want to get out of bed.

    Images:  Vtwonen, Wonderful Home, Style At Home

  • Stylish Geometry in Modern Home Design


    Modern Home Design

    Image from Lady

    Form and geometry is a defining element in modern home design. Geometric shapes, polyhedrons, perfect circles and smooth ovals create those simple, minimal lines that modern design is famous for.

    Little ornamentation allows for the eye to rest and lends a sleek, clean look to a room.

    Modern Bathroom Design

    Image from Gosto

    Geometric shapes in design are a huge trend right now. Have you noticed triangle-print wallpapers, faceted planters, jewel-shaped lamps in all of the design magazines? It's a trend that I dig because it's clean and modern, but still adds a ton a visual interest to a space.

    Here is a roundup of some of my favorite geometric design objects right now. Each of these modern lamp styles for today's contemporary home make the home feel current, but can also work in other contexts--like more eclectic spaces or even more transitional homes.

    Modern Lighting

    Geodesic Cube Modern Resin 23-Inch-H Table Lamp, Tetra Tiffany Style 7-Inch-W Pendant Chandelier, Robert Abbey Pythagoras Polished Nickel Modern Pendant Light, Marymount Modern Black and White 47-Inch-W Coffee Table, Thumprints Espresso Bronze Cast Metal 29-Inch-H Table Lamp, Hoku Cyan Blue Ceramic 32-Inch-H Table Lamp, Tad Geometric White Lacquer 21 1/2-Inch-H Side Table, Contemporary Delta Ash 22 1/2-Inch-H Robert Abbey Table Lamp

    What do you think of the geo trend?

    Images: Lady, Gosto

  • Upscale Style in Island Pendant Lighting


    Island Pendant Lighting

    Image from Nature's First Green is Gold

    The most fun area of a home to style with lighting is the kitchen, more specifically the island or dining area. Island pendant lighting style can come in all shapes and forms, depending on the personality of your home.

    The kitchen above has a very modern, clean aesthetic so the simple, white pendant lights are a perfect fit. And they are paired off perfectly with contemporary barstools.

    Industrial Kitchen Design

    Image from House of Brinson

    One really fun trend these days is the industrial lighting look. In the kitchen above, the antique island is paired with an industrial pendant light and both contrast perfectly against the modern kitchen behind them.

    Mini Pendant Lighting

    Image from Design Hunter

    If you're looking for just a subtle detail with your lighting style then be on the look out for stylish mini-pendant lights. They contribute to your décor without dominating.

    Island Pendant Pairing

    Image from Dust Jacket

    Pairing of pendant lights is also a fun trend. You can either make a cluster or just hang at alternating heights for a fun look.

    Images: Natures First Green is Gold, House of Brinson, Design HunterDust Jacket

  • Home Styling With a Color Crush: Pale Pink + Brass


    Home Styling

    Pale pink gets a bad rap as being too feminine. But what's wrong with that? I have used pops of the controversial hue throughout my home styling and in fact it's a bit of a color crush.

    Yes, I live alone which means there is no male naysayer in sight. However, I think it's perfectly acceptable to embrace such a fun color choice – especially when catching a glimpse can put me in a better mood and lighten my spirit!

    Table Lamp

    One way to stay safely on the more subtle side of pink is to go with a dustier shade that's more on the mauve side of the spectrum. This Color Plus Dressy Rose Double Gourd with White Table Lamp is a great example because the abstract modern shape adds extra interest to the piece. If you have a lamp you love and are looking for a way to reinvent it, then drum lamp shades might be the way to go. A cheaper and easier way to get a new look!

    I love mixing pale pink with burnished brass pieces because the warmth in both tones play off of each so well! The Rio Brass with White Shade Robert Abbey Pendant Light is a pretty antique tone that will easily mix in with existing pieces, no matter what you room you hang it in.

    Modern Pendant Light

    The Island Party Time Giclee Brushed Nickel Pendant lends a touch of pink to your space without making the color a focal point. It also includes shades of green, blue, and brown and like its name suggests brings an air of fun to the room!

    For more antique brass accents, check out the Jonathan Adler Ventana Natural Brass Floor Lamp! The tripod legs and ebony wood are sleek and modern while its natural linen shade lend a natural touch.

    Ceiling Fan

    The Craftmade Bloom Ceiling Fan with Light is so much fun! I can imagine using it in a room that's otherwise very simple – think white walls – to make its organic shape a real focal point.

    With the Fillable Glass with Gold Cylinder Table Lamp everything is left up to you! Fill the glass cylinder with metallic pink balls for the holidays, sweet pink seashells from your trip to the beach come summer – the possibilities are endlessly customizable. Or if you like, leave it empty and enjoy the delicacy of this pretty piece.

    Image: Bolig Liv

November, 2013