Island Pendant Lighting

Image from Nature's First Green is Gold

The most fun area of a home to style with lighting is the kitchen, more specifically the island or dining area. Island pendant lighting style can come in all shapes and forms, depending on the personality of your home.

The kitchen above has a very modern, clean aesthetic so the simple, white pendant lights are a perfect fit. And they are paired off perfectly with contemporary barstools.

Industrial Kitchen Design

Image from House of Brinson

One really fun trend these days is the industrial lighting look. In the kitchen above, the antique island is paired with an industrial pendant light and both contrast perfectly against the modern kitchen behind them.

Mini Pendant Lighting

Image from Design Hunter

If you're looking for just a subtle detail with your lighting style then be on the look out for stylish mini-pendant lights. They contribute to your décor without dominating.

Island Pendant Pairing

Image from Dust Jacket

Pairing of pendant lights is also a fun trend. You can either make a cluster or just hang at alternating heights for a fun look.

Images: Natures First Green is Gold, House of Brinson, Design HunterDust Jacket