White Decor

Image from Dwell

Someone asked me my favorite color today and for the first time in years I didn't answer red. I said white instead, and didn't realize it was true until the words were already out of my mouth. I style my home with my white color crush more than any other color.

The reason? White can take on many styles and doesn't compete, often times you don't realize what's so interesting about a white object until you take a closer look. And I love that!

Modern Chandelier

This Robert Abbey Havana Modern Nickel with White Chandelier is the definition of retro-chic with a modern twist. The perforated metal cocktail shaker shaped lights are a great example of what you find when you look a little closer!

White and metal mix so well together, so clean and crisp! This Modern White Twitter Bird Accent Lamp combines modern lines with nature with a result that's both contemporary and whimsical. (Also an affordable gift for your favorite social media addict!)

Modern Table Lamp

The white ceramic base of the Cosgrove Modern Table Lamp has so much depth and texture, it almost looks like it belongs in the sea with the anemones. Such a great sculpted piece to add dimension to any room.

I love a good wall mirror but find it difficult to find anything in white that doesn't look too pristine. By adding white leather with an adjustable strap, this Jamie Young Round Wall Mirror has accomplished the perfect balance of a piece that's a little rugged and loved.

Modern Bench

The Contemporary Chelsea Stitched Cream Bonded Leather Bench has a great mid-century look and great lines. Look a little closer at the leather though and you'll pick up on the beautifully subtle patter that makes this piece a champion.

White has a lovely way of showing highlights and lowlights, and I can't think of a better example than this White Billowing Cloud Possini Euro Pendant Chandelier. Total glamour, diffused light, and an organic modern cloud design are sure to make it the showstopper in any room.

Image: Dwell