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  • Design Tips: Modern Nursery For Mom + Baby


    Modern Nursery

    1. Pick modern, white lighting for your walls and ceilings. White always looks modern and fresh and the whimsicality and playfulness can come from the shape of the light. I know my toddler would love that Lilypad Possini Euro Ceiling Light (below). She'd be mesmerized by all of the lights and point and smile in delight!

    2. Pick modern kids furniture with amorphous shapes. The amorphous silhouettes of the 1960's will retain their classic, cool for years to come. For example, an S-chair and tulip-base-table have design details with longevity. And to make good news even better, your toddler won't get any horrible bumps or bruises from the furniture's sleek round edges!

    Home Furnishings


    Zuo Drop Stool Red ABS Fiberglass Modern Chair, Zuo Modern White 33-Inch-H Set of 2 S-Chairs, Wilco Glossy Yellow Modern 22 3/4-Inch-H Zuo Side Table, Genie Brushed Pink 10-Inch-H Touch Desk Lamp, Kite White and Blue Ikat Fabric Throw Pillow, Jonathan Adler Lantern White Wall Sconce, Jonathan Adler Reform White Wall Sconce, Haley Steel Modern 19-Inch-H Table Lamp with Touch Switch, Mid-Century Modern Coral Linen 32-Inch-H Annabelle Chair

    3. Pick design objects that work like magic. The touch sensor lamps turn on and off with a simple touch. Your toddler will learn to turn it on and off easily and you can use the lamp as a teaching tool to teach your little-one to say words like 'on' and 'off'--and the style could easily be used as a desk lamp for kids and teens alike.

    4. Use accessories with classic patterns. Patterns like ikat will never go out-of-style and these throw pillows would add a lovely punch of pattern to any room, for kids and adults.

    5. Pick upholstered furniture. Upholstered furniture is great because it has padding to prevent injuries for clumsy toddlers, and if it has classic lines, like this Mid-Century Modern Annabelle Chair (above), then you can always get it recovered years down the line and it can grow up with your family.

    Images: Modern Baby, Décor Pad, Alexis Lane

  • Modern Home Design Tips from Jaime Derringer at Design Milk


    Modern Home Design

    Image from Casa Vogue

    Today, we are so happy to invite Jaime Derringer from Design Milk on our blog to share some of her modern home design tips!

    For those of you new to the blog world, Jaime Derringer is the founder and editor of Design Milk, an online magazine dedicated to modern design. The talent doesn't stop there, Jaime is also a great artist and poem-writer.

    Let's hear what she has to say about modern design....

    ESL: What are your go-to pieces for creating that contemporary home?

    JD: I always say go with what you love. Build a neutral base and build on top of that with more exciting bold decor and accent pieces. However, I would encourage one brave, unique choice, whether a standout chair, a creative chandelier, or a daring wallpaper pattern. Do something memorable.

    Modern Storage
    Image from Glitter Inc.

    ESL: What tricks/tips do you recommend for achieving a clean and modern look around the home?

    JD: Storage! Storage is my number one go-to. If you don’t have the right storage, often times, you end up with piles of things all over the place, which can make a space look messy. Cleanliness is the key to a modern space. The best way to figure out what kind of storage solutions you need is to live in a space first and see where messes and items seem to pile up over time. Then, you can determine the best solution for you; don’t buy unnecessary products—wait until you know what you need.

    You can also get some motion-sensor drawer and cabinet lighting to help you find what you’re looking for once you’ve stored everything away.

    ESL: What rules can be broken with lighting when it comes to a contemporary look?

    JD: I love oversized lighting. The bigger the better - I’d suggest doing something bold and dramatic with lighting even in small spaces.

    Modern Lighting

    Image from Casa Vogue

    Perhaps this Possini Euro Icicle Chandelier (left) or this crystal burst design with the Corbett Inertia Crystal Pendant Light (right). I like to turn on the bright lights.

    ESL: Where does your inspiration stem from? Any particular designer, architect or blogger?

    JD: I am all over the place. I love the creativity of Karim Rashid and the futuristic designs of Zaha Hadid, but also the classic modern designs from the Eameses, Wegner, and Aalto. I love an eclectic mix and I’m hoping to nail it in my new house!
    ESL: What are some ways in which you can get creative with lighting around the home?

    JD: Function first, but then form and fashion. Once you have all your functional areas lit, you can play with some mood lighting.

    Gallery Wall

    Image from From the Rigth Bank

    I especially like to light some of my artwork with picture lights, create a hallway gallery with spotlights and add special dimmers to make sure I can change the mood in an instant. Even indoor spotlights can light up a special corner and set a dramatic mood.

    House of Troy Picture Light

    Thanks for all the modern design insight Jaime!

    Don't forget to check out our "Bright Ideas from Design Milk" Pinterest board where Jaime continues to share ideas!...

    Images: House to Home, Glitter Inc., Casa Vogue, From the Right Bank

  • Modern Bedrooms With Monochrome Color Palettes


    Monochrome Color Palette

    Image from SF Girl by Bay

    I love the monochrome color palette trend. Especially when it comes to decorating a modern bedroom. It lends to a cool, relaxing environment and many times appeals to those with modern or minimalist taste.

    In fact, for a long time, I was under the impression that monochrome meant decorating in all black and white. And, I’m happy to report that I was misguided on this design trend. Monochrome is actually defined as, paintings, drawings or design in one color or shades of one color. Thus, the possibilities are endless.

    Retro Bedroom

    Images from SF Girl by Bay

    Decorating in a monochrome fashion is all about layering. Think of every detail from the paint color on the walls, to the shining modern lighting fixtures, blankets on the bed, the furniture, and even the small accessories. It’s all about the details.

    One of my favorite colors styled in a monochrome fashion is pink. I love the combination of both bold and mild shades mixed perfectly with pattern in the same hues.

    And, why not take two different colors and build upon them together?! The soft pastel combination of pink and yellow, below, is nothing short of dreamy.

    Modern Vintage Bedroom

    Image from David Cleveland

    Simple, yet elegant swing arm wall lights will add a subtle detail to any room, no matter the color palette...

    When going monochrome in your modern bedroom, don’t forget about pattern. I adore the idea of using patterned wallpaper as shown below. The layering of gray and patterns is stunning.

    Gray Bedroom

    Image from House to Home

    The great news is the monochrome color palette trend works for those that prefer a subtle black and white palette and for those that love bold colorful schemes and pattern.

    Images: SF Girl by Bay, David Cleveland, House to Home

  • Have a Merry Modern Holiday: Decor Tips


    modern mantle

    With the holidays around the corner, Euro Style Lighting was recently wondering: Can a "cool modern" space also be "warm and inviting" during the holidays?

    We posed the question to a few of our favorite bloggers and tastemakers and got an unequivocal yes, along with some great tips on how to dress your home for the holidays. Here's what Justina Blakeney (, Joanna Hawley (jojotastic) and our own Cori Magee (pictured left to right below) had to say:

    lifestyle design bloggers

    Can the holidays and modern décor co-exist?

    Justina Blakeney: Absolutely! For modern holiday decor focus on metallics--modern and festive, done and done!

    Joanna Hawley: Absolutely! I love combining more traditional winter whites with pops of color. My favorite palette right now includes shades of ivory and white, hot pink, hunter green, and burgundy. The pink really twists it and makes it modern.

    Cori Magee: Yes! It’s all in the color palette that you decide to style your home with. Rather than red and green, try gold and black or silver and white.

    modern holiday living room

    What are your seasonal decorating and entertaining tricks?

    JB: Bringing in fragrant and festive natural elements into the home, from pine to holly.

    JH: As an apartment dweller, I like to decorate my front door to bring some holiday cheer to my neighbors. I always hang a hand-made wreath! Also, my windows face the front of the building, so I take it upon myself to make sure the building puts its best foot forward by stringing lights in the windows.

    CM: I always include silver décor, both throughout my home and as centerpieces at the dining table. It’s adds sophistication to any holiday gathering.

    textiles mod chair

    How can modern style be simultaneously warm and inviting and cool and clean?

    JB: It's the people in a home that add the love between them that truly make a home warm. Also, I think that rugs (and textiles in general) really warm up spaces. If you can walk around barefoot and still be cozy, you can have the most modern of spaces and it will still be warm and inviting as well.

    JH: Texture is my favorite way to warm up modern style. Think shaggy white fur, icy grey sweater knits, even braided rugs!

    CM: Including live greenery makes any home more inviting. Seasonal greenery, like live garland, draped over the mantel will add warmth to your holiday décor.

    Whether it's the brilliance of gold finish lighting and decor, or a selection of gifts for the modern home, following the festive decorating tips above can help create a splendid home for the holidays.  

    Images: Apartment Therapy, Amanda VegaChatelaine

  • Pantone Reveals Color of the Year for 2014: PANTONE 18-3224 Radiant Orchid


    Radiant Orchid

    Pantone Reveals Color of the Year for 2014:  Radiant Orchid!

    You don't have to twist our arms to incorporate this fabulous palette in any design. It's fresh, young and full of energy. It also works with many styles, whether you love a modern home or something more transitional.


    We've put together a little product round up to help you get started with this fabulously radiant color choice from Pantone. You can get started with some purple chairs and you can never go wrong styling your décor with purple pillows.Radiant Orchid Products

    1. Marvel Contemporary Violet and Chrome Van Teal Table Lamp 2. Kite Purple Ikat Feather and Down Throw Pillow 3. Alara Fabric Cover Berry Pillow 4. Set of 2 Baby Anime Acrylic Purple Zuo Kids Armchairs 5. Zuo Big Wave Purple 29 1/2-Inch-H Outdoor Folding Table 6. Radiant Orchid Apothecary Table Lamp 7. Koncept Gen 3 Z-Bar Purple Warm Light Modern Desk Lamp 8. Zuo Lider Plus Purple Chrome 19-Inch-W Office Chair

    Images: Pantone

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