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  • Modern Gingerbread Houses: Iconic Modern Museums



    Images from Architect Magazine

    In time for the holiday, settle in and enjoy some sweet pics of some of the world's iconic museums. Fashioned out of candy and gingerbread, these houses of art were created by Caitlin Levin and photographed by Henry Hargreaves.

    Pictured above is Frank Lloyd Wright's Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum (New York), made out of icing, cotton candy, candy wrappers, licorice, sugar, and gingerbread.

    candy tate museum

    Above is Herzog & de Meuron's Tate Modern (London) - Gingerbread, hard candy, cotton candy, and bubble gum.

    candy museum

    Above is Fernando Romero Enterprise's (FREE) new Museo Soumaya (Mexico City) - Candy balls, sour rolls, taffy, and gingerbread.

    It's strange, yet fun to see these iconic modern museums that you could actually eat!

    louvre pyramids

    Above is I.M. Pei's pyramid at the Louvre (Paris) - Hard candy, licorice, and gingerbread.

    With that, we wish a happy and peaceful holiday to you and yours!

    Images: Architect Magazine

  • Art + Design Events: Miami 2013


    Art & Design Miami 2014

    In early December every year, people converge for a handful art and design events in Miami, anchored by the fairs Art Basel Miami and Design Miami.

    The parties, installations, performances and more have all but wrapped up for 2013, and with that in mind, here's what caught our eye:

    Louis Vuitton's Charlotte Perriand House:

    Louis Vuittons Charlotte Perriand House

    Charlotte Perriand House Interior

    Images from Architect Magazine

    The French fashion house Louis Vuitton played architect this year by re-creating a now-iconic 1934 house by Charlotte Perriand (pictured above and at the top of the post), one of the world's first female modernists. Yes, clothing was hung with care and you can bet that the brown and tan decor echoed the sponsor's signature handbag look. 

    Opening of the Perez Art Museum Miami:

    Perez Art Museum

    Perez Art Museum Galleries

    Images from Design Boom

    This Herzog & de Meuron-designed spectacle nods to Miami's rich architectural history in the firm's design approach of "deconstructing the Art Deco box." Vertical planters and starkly adorned exhibition spaces challenge traditional forms in this, Miami's first dedicated modern art space. 

    Jean Prouve's Maison Demountable:

    Prouve Maison Demountable

    maison demountable interior

    jean prouve maison demountable

    Images from Design Miami

    Jean Prouve's early example of pre-fab housing was meticulously assembled and on display at Design Miami, thanks to the tireless efforts of Galerie Patrick Seguin. The gallery also displayed its collection of furnishings by the likes of Charlotte Perriand, Pierre Jeanneret, Le Corbusier and Jean Royére...much to fair-goers delight. 

    Natural and neutrals seemed to be prevalent everywhere we looked across town. We saw a noticeable return to mid-century influences, especially in the refined modern sconces in the installations. And lastly, an interest in comfort seemed to be in effect across the city. And with that as a bellwether for what's coming next to contemporary design, we got to thinking about designs that would look great in our homes for the years to come:

    contemporary pendant lighting

    Cerno Levis Beech Wood LED Pendant

    ultramodern coffee table

    Kipling White with Walnut Coffee Table

    midcentury armchair

    Chile Kenora Fabric Upholstery Contemporary Armchair

    modern brass sconce

    Parker Brass Jonathan Adler Wall Sconce

    The hoopla won't return until next December, but Euro Style Lighting has plenty of on-trend contemporary lighting fixtures on hand to ogle in the meantime.

    Images: Architect Magazine, Design Boom, Design Miami

  • Go For the Gold in Your Modern Home Design


    Home Design

    Image from Andi Hatch for The Everygirl

    File this under one of my really random modern home design related pet peeves... When I'm watching a show like House Hunters on HGTV and the featured participants walk into a house, see brass or gold accessories and say something like "Ugh, this is so ugly. Gold is so outdated!"

    It's true that certain gold fixtures can look outdated. But I think it's all just a matter of context. With the right furniture, color choices, and accompanying accessories, gold actually looks chic, modern, and very current.

    Kitchen Design

    Image from Cococozy

    In fact, use of shiny metallic gold is all the rage in the fashion world right now, too!

    Whether it's used as an accent on shoes, or an entire sweater is woven from it, gold fashion pieces are eye-catching and definitely statement making.

    Gold Furnishings

    Image from Tiffany Richey Design via La Dolce Vita

    I say use them like you would gold accents in the home -- sparingly, but with the intent to add a bright, shiny pop to the look.

    One of the easiest ways to do this? Try a pharmacy style lamp, like this floor lamp or this wall sconce. Insta-chic, but it'll always be classic!

    Gold Lighting

    Image from Stoffer Photography for The Everygirl

    Here are some pretty ideas...


    Tiered Necklace, Jonathan Adler Meurice Brass Chandelier, Gold Sweater, Scale Jacket, Modern Brass with Ivory Linen Shade Swing Arm Wall Lamp, Modern Antique Brass Pharmacy Robert Abbey Desk Lamp, Gold Bustier, Gold Bobby Pin, Antique Brass Web Sphere Ennis Table Lamp, Gold Striped Tee, Polished Brass Hardwire Holtkoetter Wall Lamp, Electra Bond Clutch

    Images: Andi Hatch for The Everygirl, Cococozy, Tiffany Richey Design via La Dolce Vita, Stoffer Photography for The Everygirl

  • Get the Look: Loft Style Dining Room


    Dining Room

    Image from The Decorista

    For today's post I decided to gather some items to get a similar overall look of this modern, loft-style dining room above. Because lets face it, chances are you’re not going to be able to find the same exact home furnishings that you saw in one picture. Heading over to Pinterest or your favorite magazines for inspiration is great, but don't ever limit yourself to any one room-scene when searching for furniture or ceiling lights to brighten your entertaining areas, for example.

    Hopefully this will help you see that you can achieve the same feel with totally different but equally awesome products!

    Home Furnishing

    Wire Chrome Steel Frame Zuo Dining Chairs, Zuo Gothenburg Stainless Steel Table, Lattice Matte White Ceramic Diana Vase

    I chose this room as my inspiration because it’s simple and clean and could go with pretty much any style aesthetic. The plain wire chairs, the solid wood table and top the room off with a simple white vase. What home wouldn’t this look great in?

    The chairs are amazing. They are wide and roomy without taking up too much space visually or physically. Basically it’s the perfect chair.

    I love the solid wood table in the image above, but sometimes a light solid wood table just isn’t going to work in your space. I like this wood and metal mix above. It has warmth and coziness from the wood, but it has some modern and sleekness to it with the metal. I’m betting it would look great in most kitchens.

    The white vase is unique and has amazing texture while still being simple, clean and white. Don’t you just want to pop a bouquet of your favorite flowers in there? I do!

    Image: The Decorista

  • Inspiring Danish Modern Interior Design


    Get the Look

    Image from The Apartment DK

    I was lucky enough to spend six weeks in Copenhagen this year and Danish interior design stole my heart. The bright, clean interiors accented with happy pops of color and the mix of vintage and new design was truly inspiring.

    There are so many treasures I wish I could have taken home, but alas that wasn't possible. So now that I'm back stateside I often try to get the Danish Modern look (for myself or clients) through accessible sources.

    Home Furnishings

    Besa Lighting Trilo Champagne Glass Mini Pendant Chandelier, Zuo Fillmore Modern Distressed Wood Dining Table,
    Zuo Modern White S-Chairs, Glacier Glass White Resin Small Vase,
    Turquoise Glass Contemporary Bowl Vase

    I love this clean dining nook pictured above. The combo of the natural wood table with the white S-chairs is timeless and fresh. The two pendants hangin over the table keep the space from looking steryl and the vases filled with happy florals pull everything together, yes?

    Modern Sitting Area

    Image from Design Milk

    I actually got to visit this space while I was in Denmark and it's very, very inspiring. I couldn't bring furniture home with me but I did come home full of new ideas. Painting a mirror?? Genius! Using a mirrored table to create a visual dialog between the mirror on the wall and the one on the floor? Double genius! A soothing palette of pastels used in a very grow-up way? I'm all over it!

    Design Concept

    Rectangular Beveled Frameless Wall Mirror, Juliet Brass with Pearl Dupioni Robert Abbey Floor Lamp,
    Drum Platinum Dupioni Grey Lamp Shade, Marymount Modern Black and White Coffee Table

    Images: The Apartment DK, Design Milk

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