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  • Home Styling With a Color Crush: Yellow


    Yellow Decor

    Image from Elle Interior

    Color Crush

    When the days grow short, and the landscape barren it's easy to feel a little blah. There's nothing like a fresh and bright pop of color to liven things up, and yellow is the freshest and brightest of them all.

    The best part is that it only takes a piece here or there to make a major difference in the feel of a room and your mood. Colorful home accents and modern lighting are the easiest way to add a color pop.

    Mini Pendants

    The vibrant amber colored glass in these Access Sydney Amber Yellow Art Glass Cylinder Mini Pendants cast the most beautiful light. A trio would be a great bright spot in a kitchen or workspace!

    I would love to have this Thumbprints Jewel Modern Yellow Metal Table Lamp on my desk. It would be the perfect cheerful accent to glance at on especially dreary and grey days, and I really like that the base is metal.

    Swag Pendant

    This Wilco Glossy Yellow Modern Side Table would be just the thing for a small entryway or bedside. It's super sleek look only adds to its cheerful presence with a dose of contemporary modernism.

    Add instant style to any room with a Plug-In Lemon Zest Cold Stripe Art Shade Swag Pendant! With preppy yellow stripes and a brushed silver finish it has the power to brighten a dark living room corner or dining table in a flash.

    Modern Tray

    Breakfast in bed has never looked as good as it would served upon a Monroe Yellow Wood Modern Tray. It might not make your eggs and pancakes taste better, but it does promise to get your day off to a great start!

    Jonathan Adler's Capri Contemporary Yellow Glass Wall Sconce can be your very own sunshine. Install one on either side of your bathroom vanity or a statement mirror for a glow like no other.

    Image: Elle Interior

  • Get the Look: Modern Chic Dining Room


    Modern Dining Room

    Image from Fia Interiors

    When you can't put your finger on your personal style, sometimes it's easiest to find an image you love online (hello, Pinterest!), or in a magazine. Once you find a space that you love and resonates with you, then it's time to try and replicate it for yourself by taking inspiration from the elements in that room.

    Today I've found a modern dining room that I absolutely adore. From the color palate, to the dramatic circular light fixture accented with a geometric dining table and modern metal chairs, this space is perfection.

    Modern Pendant Light

    Zuo Token Modern Aluminum Chairs / Equinox Foyer Pendant Light

    Who wouldn't want to have this look in their own dining room? And the best part, you can get a very similar look! I love the contrast of the slightly fancy chandelier with a casual, contemporary chair. I'm not sure about you, but I'd love to eat a meal in this dining room!

    Image: Fia Interiors

  • Modern Home Design Tips from Jaime Derringer at Design Milk


    Modern Home Design

    Image from Casa Vogue

    Today, we are so happy to invite Jaime Derringer from Design Milk on our blog to share some of her modern home design tips!

    For those of you new to the blog world, Jaime Derringer is the founder and editor of Design Milk, an online magazine dedicated to modern design. The talent doesn't stop there, Jaime is also a great artist and poem-writer.

    Let's hear what she has to say about modern design....

    ESL: What are your go-to pieces for creating that contemporary home?

    JD: I always say go with what you love. Build a neutral base and build on top of that with more exciting bold decor and accent pieces. However, I would encourage one brave, unique choice, whether a standout chair, a creative chandelier, or a daring wallpaper pattern. Do something memorable.

    Modern Storage
    Image from Glitter Inc.

    ESL: What tricks/tips do you recommend for achieving a clean and modern look around the home?

    JD: Storage! Storage is my number one go-to. If you don’t have the right storage, often times, you end up with piles of things all over the place, which can make a space look messy. Cleanliness is the key to a modern space. The best way to figure out what kind of storage solutions you need is to live in a space first and see where messes and items seem to pile up over time. Then, you can determine the best solution for you; don’t buy unnecessary products—wait until you know what you need.

    You can also get some motion-sensor drawer and cabinet lighting to help you find what you’re looking for once you’ve stored everything away.

    ESL: What rules can be broken with lighting when it comes to a contemporary look?

    JD: I love oversized lighting. The bigger the better - I’d suggest doing something bold and dramatic with lighting even in small spaces.

    Modern Lighting

    Image from Casa Vogue

    Perhaps this Possini Euro Icicle Chandelier (left) or this crystal burst design with the Corbett Inertia Crystal Pendant Light (right). I like to turn on the bright lights.

    ESL: Where does your inspiration stem from? Any particular designer, architect or blogger?

    JD: I am all over the place. I love the creativity of Karim Rashid and the futuristic designs of Zaha Hadid, but also the classic modern designs from the Eameses, Wegner, and Aalto. I love an eclectic mix and I’m hoping to nail it in my new house!
    ESL: What are some ways in which you can get creative with lighting around the home?

    JD: Function first, but then form and fashion. Once you have all your functional areas lit, you can play with some mood lighting.

    Gallery Wall

    Image from From the Rigth Bank

    I especially like to light some of my artwork with picture lights, create a hallway gallery with spotlights and add special dimmers to make sure I can change the mood in an instant. Even indoor spotlights can light up a special corner and set a dramatic mood.

    House of Troy Picture Light

    Thanks for all the modern design insight Jaime!

    Don't forget to check out our "Bright Ideas from Design Milk" Pinterest board where Jaime continues to share ideas!...

    Images: House to Home, Glitter Inc., Casa Vogue, From the Right Bank

  • Decorating a Modern Bedroom with Crystal Chandeliers


    Modern Bedroom

    Image from La Maison d’ Anna G.

    Crystal chandeliers are often thought of as fancy, fussy and traditional. However, I think the rules are changing a bit and decorating a modern bedroom with crystal chandeliers can provide a 'wow' factor for your home. While usually associated with formal dining rooms, crystal chandeliers are popping up in bathrooms, bedrooms and even babies rooms. Forget the idea that they must be used with traditional furniture or feminine décor.

    These days, tradition is teaming up with modern and the result is simply beautiful.

    I happen to personally love crystal pendant lighting, and my favorite room to use this style of lighting in, is the bedroom. A pretty chandelier above the bed is so luxurious. It’s beautiful to look at, but also gives off such beautiful light and sets a great ambiance.

    White Floors

    Image from JJ Locations

    There are several ways you can style your sparkly light in your bedroom.  One of my favorite looks is to add a crystal chandelier to a very simplistic modern bedroom. This way the chandelier is the star of the show. I really like how a light fixture acts as the art in the room when paired with a plain dark colored wall (top image).

    Crystal chandeliers and floral paintings are no strangers. It’s a look that just works well. If you fancy this look, you can still keep the room modern and current by sticking to a white palate and using modern furniture with clean lines.

    Gray Bedroom

    Image from EST Magazine

    Another fun option is to bring modern lighting into the mix. Why not use super modern bedside lights with a crystal chandelier centered above? A mix of style keeps a room from looking too serious and adds character. This is a perfect match, in my opinion.

    Crystal Chandeliers

    1. Schonbek Bordeaux Bronze 32-Inch-H Chandelier 2. Tylla Chrome Crystal Eight Light Chandelier 3. Crystorama Chloe Brass with Crystal Ceiling Light Fixture

    Here are a few of my favorite chandeliers above. They are a great piece to start with when decorating your bedroom.

    Images: La Maison d’ Anna G., JJ Locations, EST Magazine

  • Winter Wonderland: White Modern Fireplaces


    White Modern Fireplace

    Because it is low temperatures at my home right now, all I can think about is how to stay warm and comfortable. I’m especially fond of white fireplaces in modern spaces. Fireplaces, preferably white and modern, give that instant warm gratification even when they’re not on. The look and appeal of a fireplace is cozy, satisfying and stylish.

    We see in the space above a beautiful, grand fireplace paired with modern furniture and flooring. The juxtaposition is perfect! Also, large mirrors displayed above the fireplace always make it even more perfect.

    Modern Living Room

    This brick fireplace got a new lease on life by being painted white. Against the white washed floors, the fireplace totally pops and looks extremely cool.

    Fireplace Mantel

    For a simple look, this fireplace was decorated with a small bouquet of peonies and a few pieces of art. The fireplace acts as a great display area for pretty items. You could even adorn it with refined modern walls sconces, maybe flanking your favorite artwork.

    Wall Mirrors

    Here’s another brick fireplace painted white. The cool thing about this space is that the entire back wall is white brick which gives the sense of bigness and grandness. And we also see another large mirror displayed above the fireplace which creates a taller ceiling space.

    All four of these fireplaces give me the bug to reface my own!

    Images: Living, Simply Grove, Bread & Olives, Little Girl Big City.

December, 2013