Painted Floors

Image from A Beautiful Mess

Everyone wants a space that reflects them and who they are as an individual. We also want to be unique and one of a kind. Not reflecting a showroom but rather a beautiful space full of personality and style. A fun solution to create such a space in a modern home is painted flooring. Whether it’s a pattern or a solid color, painted floors add a fun, unexpected surprise to your space.

Above we see small triangle patterns scattered on a white floor. I love the variety of black and gold triangles. And I love that they are randomly placed. It’s a look that is neutral enough to go with any accent color.

Modern Living Room

Image from Bloesem

This wide black stripe is a small detail that creates a big statement. They started with a dark gray concrete and simply painted the stripe. Who needs a rug when you already have a nice design on the floor?!

Image from Coco Kelly

This look makes a huge impact in this room. This black and white pattern effortlessly fills the entire space and looks amazing! The stylishly modern furniture and delicate accessories compliment the pattern.

White Floors

Image from Mama

For a neutral look, try painting your hardwood floors in a nice soft white. It will immediately lighten up your space and make all of your furniture and accessories pop. The painted floors trend can be translated any way that you please!

Images: A Beautiful Mess, Bloesem, Coco Kelley, Mama