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Image from Andi Hatch for The Everygirl

File this under one of my really random modern home design related pet peeves... When I'm watching a show like House Hunters on HGTV and the featured participants walk into a house, see brass or gold accessories and say something like "Ugh, this is so ugly. Gold is so outdated!"

It's true that certain gold fixtures can look outdated. But I think it's all just a matter of context. With the right furniture, color choices, and accompanying accessories, gold actually looks chic, modern, and very current.

Kitchen Design

Image from Cococozy

In fact, use of shiny metallic gold is all the rage in the fashion world right now, too!

Whether it's used as an accent on shoes, or an entire sweater is woven from it, gold fashion pieces are eye-catching and definitely statement making.

Gold Furnishings

Image from Tiffany Richey Design via La Dolce Vita

I say use them like you would gold accents in the home -- sparingly, but with the intent to add a bright, shiny pop to the look.

One of the easiest ways to do this? Try a pharmacy style lamp, like this floor lamp or this wall sconce. Insta-chic, but it'll always be classic!

Gold Lighting

Image from Stoffer Photography for The Everygirl

Here are some pretty ideas...


Tiered Necklace, Jonathan Adler Meurice Brass Chandelier, Gold Sweater, Scale Jacket, Modern Brass with Ivory Linen Shade Swing Arm Wall Lamp, Modern Antique Brass Pharmacy Robert Abbey Desk Lamp, Gold Bustier, Gold Bobby Pin, Antique Brass Web Sphere Ennis Table Lamp, Gold Striped Tee, Polished Brass Hardwire Holtkoetter Wall Lamp, Electra Bond Clutch

Images: Andi Hatch for The Everygirl, Cococozy, Tiffany Richey Design via La Dolce Vita, Stoffer Photography for The Everygirl