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Most of us resolve to be healthier in the new year...but few of us ever consider our homes and workplaces as part of the process of building better health. A recently developed certification system, however, called the WELL Building Standard system addresses 19 areas in which building design can positively impact our health.

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Mold. Cold. Lack of light during the day. Or too much light at night. We've been living at odds with our homes long enough and this system hopes to reverse that. 

Some remedies have been around for awhile now, such as purified air and water systems. But just imagine: light that works with our circadian rhythms, aromatherapy and hydrotherapy, weight responsive and posture-supporting flooring and furniture, vitamin-infused showers...the list goes on. 

Paul Scialla, founder of the WELL Building Standard, explains the rationale: "We’re taking the largest asset class in the world, real estate, and we’re infusing it with the growing industry of health and wellness. People are spending money on preventative medicine and alternative healing. We felt that if we could properly codify a standard to work toward those intentions of infusing health and preventative medical practices into four walls and a roof, people will pay for it."

Granted, this visionary system primarily addresses new construction, but that shouldn't stop us all from thinking about how we can implement changes in our existing homes. Just a few changes can have a positive impact:

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Jenne Blue Wool Throw BlanketSalt Crystal Stone and Hardwood Accent LampBuddha Face Lighted Wall FountainSleek Circle Nickel Bathroom Fan with Light, Verilux Sunshine Supplement Light

When shopping for modern bathroom light fixtures, consider one with exhaust fans to help keep the room free of mold and mildew. Gurgling fountains can add a sense of calm and well-being. Verilux sunshine supplement lights provide vitamin-D for the short, dark winter days. And a throw blanket and warm Himalayan salt stone night light creates the perfect mood for settling in at the end of the day. 

Simple things like these can go a long way towards making the home a healthy place to be in 2014.

Images: Kristy B.Delos