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  • Design Trend: Crystal Table Lamps


    Design Trend

    Image from Décor Pad

    In order for your guests to see and enjoy your home decor, it's important to have a well-lit home. There are many options to choose from, but my favorite options are crystal table lamps.

    Ambient light is a must in any home! Your home probably has a few different surfaces that call for different styles of table lamps, today I'm showing you my favorite choices for innovative crystal table lamp designs: a desk lamp, entry way lamp, a pair of living room side table lamps, and a lamp for a dining room buffet or console.

    Crystal Table Lamps

    Contemporary Clear GlassTable Lamp, Vienna Full Spectrum Stacked Chain 26-1/2-Inch-H Table Lamp, Quad Stacked Crystal 29 1/4-Inch-H Set of 2 Table Lamps, Murray Feiss Metallic Moondust Modern Table Lamp

    If you live in a small apartment or house, these contemporary crystal table lamp styles are a wonderful option for you! With little space, lack of natural light and the desire to still have a bright and stylish house, table lamps become even more important.

    The crystal lamp allows you to decorate with a beautiful piece, light your home, and not take up too much visual space (since the base is clear). These crystal bases are beautiful and simple, making it the perfect finishing touch for your space.

    Image: Décor Pad

  • Elegant Starburst Style For Home Design


    Starburst Style

    It’s not a new trend by any means, but it was made popular in one of my favorite style eras, the 1920s! Starburst style is everywhere these days and I love it! I'm a little picky about my home design and starburst pieces should be selected carefully.

    I love the warm and industrial feel of the brass pieces. Geometric shapes of the starburst are right up my ally. I think starburst can add a lot of interest and fun to a space while still being elegant and grown up. So basically, they are perfect, right?

    Starburst Home Decor

    1. Starburst Tinted Copper 27-Inch-H Thumprints Table Lamp 2. Elk Victoria Starburst Antique Gold 32-Inch-W Wall Mirror 3. Antique Brass Starburst 22-Inch-H Novo Accent Table

    This table lamp above is my favorite! It’s simple, but also interesting. Exactly what a great table lamp should be, right? You can’t go wrong with white and brass either. Classic combo. Unique living room table lamps is a great way to compliment your decor, even if you can't find the perfect starburst shape.

    Starburst mirrors would look amazing in an entry way or living room. A useful but still very pretty piece to make your home design complete. It kind of reminds me of a spider web. But in a very good, non-halloween and beautiful way.

    The side table above is so fun! It would be the perfect table to put at the end of your couch for your guests to use and admire. I just love that the starburst shape goes all the way through the table.

    What about you, would you try the starburst trend? I think it would look great in so many different homes and spaces. Maybe even an office space! The possibilities are endless with this classic design trend.

    Image: Lonny Magazine

  • Smart Homes: Dawn of a New Age


    smart homes

    Image from the Warner Bros. Film Her 

    This much we know—one day soon, we will wake up to conversations like this:

    "Start the coffee and open the curtains, please...Should I wear a coat today? Record tonight's game, I'll be home a little late."

    Only the person on the other end of the conversation won't be a person at all. It'll be the home itself.

    smart home diagram

    Image from Smartbuilt Home

    With everything from Apple's Siri to automated coffee machines, both the technology and our own habit patterns are in place for such a reality. The only barrier to a truly connected smart home, it seems, is how to get all these different devices to speak with one another.

    There are a growing number of companies addressing smart home technology, from app developers to light bulb manufacturers. From developing a codified syntax (what language are all our home appliances speaking anyway?) to defining which interface will manage them all (the TV remote, desktop computer, mobile phone), the space is wide open.

    smart appliances

    Illustration by Jeffrey Bowman for Adweek

    As the technology falls into place, consumers will begin to truly reap the benefits of the "Internet of things," in which the vast stores of information out there interact with us on an intimate level. From telling us to leave a little earlier because of heavy traffic to helping us pick an appropriate outfit for the day, the home becomes our personal-assistant, not unlike the operating-system-as-love-interest in the recent Spike Jonze film Her (pictured at the top of the post).

    modern lighting

    Antique Brass Metal Cone Holtkoetter Floor Lamp, Rico Espinet Boom Bronze Robert Abbey Modern Table Lamp, AlessiLux Lumiere Silver and White Accent Light, Lola Modern Chrome with Frosted Glass LBL Bathroom Light

    Of course, those of us in the lighting industry are delighted by the possibilities. Everyone loves the innovative styling of modern lighting fixtures, but just imagine if those fixtures could communicate with us: lighting up as we walk through the door or, better yet, monitoring the music we had been listening to on the car ride home and dimming the lights to fit the mood when we walk through the door. In this regard, the home is no longer just responsive, it's predictive. And that's the essence of smart.

    Until the time of the smart home comes, of course we can still bark out orders in the morning. Unfortunately, we'll likely be met with silence or, even worse, a rightfully annoyed spouse.

    Images: Architect, Smartbuilt Home

  • 2014 Design Trend: Brass Home Lighting


    Design Trend

    Image from Glitter Guide

    Please welcome Mandy Kellogg Rye from Waiting on Martha as one of our new blog contributors!

    One of the biggest design trends happening for 2014 is the resurgence of brass lighting for the home. And I for one couldn't be happier! 

    Gold and brass metallics automatically bring warmth to any space and have the ability to strike the perfect balance between modern and traditional. Try adding a luxury brass sconce to your powder room or bold brass pendant lights to your dining room.

    Brass Lighting

    Rio Modern Brass Metal Robert Abbey Wall Sconce, Mary McDonald Pythagorus Matte Brass Robert Abbey Table LampMurray Feiss Urban Renewal Antique Brass Sconce, Robert Abbey Jackson Brass Floor LampJonathan Adler Meurice Brass Chandelier

    I've rounded up my favorite brass lighting fixtures for every room in your home and you'll find that adding just a touch a brass to your home is an easier design trend than you may think. 

    Tell me, will you be adding any brass to your home this season?

    Image: Glitter Guide

  • Freshen Your Home Design With Radiant Orchid


    Radiant Orchid

    Image from The Selby

    Every time I hear Pantone's color of the year announced I rarely get excited. It’s generally a color out of my comfort zone, something I haven’t seen done in any cool way. However, it only took me a couple of months to become accustomed to this year's color of the year, radiant orchid and I LOVE it.

    I would never have considered it to be a favorite, but now that I see how it’s being used, I gravitate towards it. It can freshen up any home design with its feminine playfulness. Why? Let’s take a look...

    1. As you can see in the above example, when paired with bright orange, it becomes feminine yet fresh. Cover an antique settee in it as an old vs. new idea and pair it with coordinating artwork for a beautiful new home design. Try using purple table lamps to add even more fun.

    Modern Living Room

    Image from Elle Decor

    2. This version of orchid in the wall color and throw pillows works because it’s paired with a variety of colors like peacock green and a beautiful, funky pendant chandelier. This space could use more purple decorative pillows, you can never have too much.

    Living Room Design

    Image from Caitlin and Caitlin

    3. This beautiful home design embraces the color to the max with a coordinating sofa, love seat and window treatment combo. By using a variety of frame treatments and a funky green plant, it reads modern and unexpected.

    Art Galleries

    Image from Design & Trend

    4. Last but not least, this simple modern space shows how the addition of red to radiant orchid can take a soft color and really make it bold.

    Are you digging this year’s radiant orchid? How would you use it?

    Images: The Selby, Elle Décor, Caitlin and Caitlin, Design & Trend

January, 2014