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  • Jewelry For Your Ceiling: Statement Pendant Lighting


    Statement Pendant Lighting

    Image from Dust Jacket Attic

    A room without the right accessories can often come across as bland or poorly planned. Large pendant lighting is one of those accessories that every home needs—it’s the perfect option for overhead lighting.

    Large pendant lighting with innovative style is my favorite accessory for the home! Like a beautiful necklace, it can take a room for boring to brilliant!

    In the above image, the glass chandelier with adorning black lampshades mixes in the eclectic feel of the apartment with a view.

    Modern Dining Room

    Image from The Little Room of Style

    Sputnik pendant lights tie in the other mid-century pieces with a clean punch. Always a great choice!

    Modern Living Room

    Image from Jonathan Adler

    The living room of Jonathan Adler (above) is a wonderful mix of textures and glamour including the fixture from his own line (link below).

    Large Pendant Lighting

    1. Possini Euro Hydra 29-Inch-H Double Swag Chandelier 2. Sputnik Modern Brass Crystal Jonathan Adler Chandelier 3. Jonathan Adler Ipanema Modern Nickel Multi Boom Pendant 4. Possini Euro Square Glass Brushed Nickel Swag Chandelier (currently unavailable) 5. Jonathan Adler Meurice Brass Chandelier

    Above, I’ve selected some of my favorite large pendant lighting. Enjoy!

    Images: Dust Jacket Attic, The Little Room of Style, Jonathan Adler

  • Backless Barstools For a Modern Kitchen Design


    Modern Kitchen Design

    While the "open floor plan" style is growing, barstools are quickly becoming a coveted item for the home. Though you can opt for stools with or without a back, we love the versatility that sophisticated backless barstools brings to a kitchen or room.

    With a backless stool, you don't cut the sight line of a room, but rather leave the eye seeing the open floor plan in its entirety.

    Backless Barstools

    Hillsdale Cyprus Backless Stool / Zuo Marius Gunmetal Counter Stools

    Another great aspect of these barstools is that they come in a variety of styles - contemporary, modern, industrial (like the stools we have chosen here!), or traditional. These stools can be positioned at varied heights, making it easily adjustable for your kids of all ages.

    Pull up a bar stool and enjoy breakfast, lunch or dinner with your family around your island.

    Images: Rejuvenation, House Beautiful, Sarah Richardson

  • Stripes For a Modern Home


    Design Trend

    Image from AV Interior

    It is no secret I have a thing for stripes. A little bit of an obsession my husband might say. But really, what design minded person doesn’t love stripes? They are great for adding pattern to a space and depending on the colors, they can be bold, soft or just the pop of color and playfulness you need for your room. Modern striped textiles might even be the most fun application of this design trend.

    There are so many different types of stripes, and I love them all! In this room, I absolutely adore their use of black and white stripes. Some big, some small, some on the rug and some on the throw pillows. If you love the Scandinavian trend, then this room will really do it for you. It’s clean and modern with an element of fun because of all of the stripes!

    Now, if it were my space, I would need to add some color to it. But the reason I picked this room as my inspiration is because it uses different sizes of stripes to achieve the look and I love that.

    Striped Home Decor

    1. Contemporary Koi Glass Bold Stripe Color Plus Ovo Table Lamp 2. Safavieh Bleeker Cream Stripes Set of 2 Accent Pillows 3. Avanity Knox Zebra Wood Rectangular 36-Inch-H Wall Mirror

    The table lamp I picked above is a great bold color. While it’s bold, it is still just a few shades away from pastel and that makes it workable with other colors. I think it would be a great addition to so many living spaces to add a pop of color and a splash of pattern.

    The pillows have a totally different stripe than the lamp, and perhaps you wouldn’t want to use them together. But I think depending on the furniture and the rest of the room’s color schemes and patterns, you could make these work together nicely! The pillows are great for brining in even more color to the space but with a neutral background, they aren’t overwhelming for the room.

    Oh that mirror! I love this mirror. For one, it has stripes throughout it which are subtle. The fact that you can have a natural element like a wood mirror that also has a great pattern like stripes in it, is just perfect to me. I really cannot say enough great things about this mirror.

    Image: AV Interior

  • Romantic Getaway for Modern Design Lovers


    romantic getaway design

    All images from Imanta Resort

    February is just around the corner... Are you looking for a romantic getaway this Valentine's Day? Nestled along Mexico's Riviera Nayarit, Imanta Resort is a modern design lover's paradise. 

    modern resort views

    This lush region boasts an average temperature of 71 degrees and almost no precipitation in February, making it the perfect romantic retreat. Secluded, stylish and beautifully situated along the Pacific coast, the quiet Imanta Resort is exactly what the love doctor ordered.

    modern resort patios

    Patios are all about the views, while guest rooms are all about relaxing.

    modern beachside hotel

    Imanta's bathrooms in particular caught our eye. We love bathrooms that combine open spaces, ample light, and functionality, such as a combination of larger bathroom mirrors with clean lines and smaller makeup mirrors to cover all the gritty details.

    Best Hotel Bathrooms

    Imanta's allure is its simplicity, in which the sum is greater than the parts. Comfortable, well-placed items in a perfect setting.

    resort furniture ideas

    Aptations Chrome Double Arm Vanity Wall Mirror, Natural Oil Ridge Solid Hardwood Bar Table, Medina Satin Steel Metal Gooseneck Desk Lamp, Zuo Castle Peak Silver Outdoor Lounge Chair

    Seriously, with a place like Imanta, is there anything more you can ask from a romantic getaway? Well, since you asked, we'll need room service. A bottle of your best chardonnay, please.

    Images: Imanta Resort

  • Modern Brass Floor Lamp Obsession


    Brass Lighting

    Image from Indoors Outdoors

    Should you ever drop in on Pinterest or any hard copy modern design magazine, one thing you might see a lot of are brass floor lamps. We fully support this trend.

    Obviously, floor lamps add function to any space, but the brass detail instantly adds a sophisticated, handsome-ness to any room!

    Living Room Design

    Image from SF Girl by Bay

    Try adding a punch of white with your brass floor lamp for a clean, modern aesthetic! This space above full acknowledges the beautiful marriage of warm wood finishes and brass. A perfect combo.

    Modern Bedroom Design

    Image from Varpunen

    No matter how minimal the design, brass adds so much style to a modern space.

    Images: Indoors Outdoors, SF Girl by Bay, Varpunen

January, 2014