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Let's face it: we spend the entire year shoving stuff in the closet. Re-giftables, donatables, just-before-guests-arrive-junkables. When organizing your closet, toss all these skeletons out and follow these three steps to a bright and clean new look for the new year. 

1. Downsize...relentlessly

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If there isn't room for something, get rid of it. If there is room for something but you rarely use it, get rid of it. If you're even questioning something, get rid of it. It's that simple.

2. Make Space...and stick to it

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Designate a space for everything. Follow the one-hand rule: if it takes two hands to either access or put something away, it's too difficult to reach. Your closet is likely overstuffed and will eventually fall into disorganization.

3. Say Hello to the Bright Lights

Everything looks better under the bright lights. So let's take them to the closet. For wide or deep closet spaces, add a modern rectangle chandelier for a luxurious feel.

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rectangle chandelierClear Crystal 48 Inch Wide Luminous Chandelier

Use upscale drum shade chandelier designs for a tight yet elegant touch to the space. 

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metal pendant

George Kovacs Hilary Pendant Chandelier

Think an organized closet isn't important? Consider this: it's where you brainstorm your outfit first thing in the morning. And it's possibly even the last light you turn off before turning in. Instead of creating a skeleton graveyard, follow these three simple steps and turn your closet into a cool, calm and collected space. 

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