Modern Room Decor

Image from The Marion House Book

Mirrors have been a staple in the house for centuries now. They are perfect art replacements, they bring in extra natural light and can be beautiful architectural statement pieces. My favorite benefit of a mirror is that it visually makes a space look bigger and deeper. It tricks the eye into thinking that a room goes farther. Mirrors are perfect for small spaces and spaces that need extra light.

The entryway above has been enlarged just by simply adding a big, natural mirror. The grey wood pops against the neutral walls and complements the amazing flooring.

Mirror Gallery

Image from La Maison D’ Anna G

Round modern mirrors placed in a grouping make a wall seem larger. The metal mixed with the wooden furniture pieces create a good juxtaposition.

Large Wall Mirror

Image from The Designer Pad

These grand black mirrors are a perfect choice for this classic, yet minimal space. Ultrasophisticated large modern mirrors compliment classic molding and fireplaces perfectly.

They also are a good addition for the modern chairs and tables.

Modern Living Room

Image from Black White Yellow

If you don’t have any metallic options already in your space, add some by finding a silver or gold mirror. Two gold mirrors add the perfect amount of bling to any space.

Images: The Marion House BookLa Maison D’ Anna G, The Designer Pad, Black White Yellow