Modern Great Rooms

Image from Trendland

For all the talk of square footage, bedrooms, baths and multi-car garages, perhaps nothing is as impressive in a home as a great room. These ultimate family rooms combine living, dining and cooking in a single space. With high ceilings and lively acoustics, these open spaces seem to induce families and guests to spend more time together.

And no matter what the style, these spaces pair well with decor elements such as designer floor lamps and mini pendant lights with smokey glass, Edison bulbs and more. With that in mind, let's look at a few great room types:

The Farmhouse

rustic great room

Image from Architectural Digest

Farmhouses and barns historically have been built around great rooms, and so are their modern brethren. Rustic decor elements? Check. Open space to feed the family with fresh bounty from the fields? Check. Clear the furniture and cue the music for a hoedown? Check!

The Loft

modern loft

Image from Trendland

Literally speaking, a loft (which is typically a single raw space with bathroom built-in) is a great room by definition. Theses converted commercial spaces are retrofitted with modern kitchen appliances and boast urban elements like ample glass and cement.

The Industrial

Industrial Loft Decor

Photo by Jacob Reinwand

The industrial great room is often a subset of the loft, albeit with industrial decor items such as hanging work lights and raw materials and finishes.

The Ultra-Modern

ultra modern great room

Image from Abduzeedo

Ultra-modern homes offer architects and designers a chance to flex their muscle, with features like cantilevered staircases, discreet storage areas and unorthodox floor-plans. We love the look of clustered black pendant lights:

black pendant lightsLeft to right: Eurofase Bronx Black Pendant Light, Sliver Medium Black Pendant Light, Piquito Black Mini Contemporary Pendant Light

In all its mixed use, multi-tasking, communal glory, the great room represents a return to a time when families spent more time together. It represents the ultimate return to basics, and for that reason, we also see the great room as 100% in keeping with modernism and the modern lifestyle.

Images: Trendland, Architectural DigestNorth Carolina Modernist Houses, Aduzeedo