modern barn house

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Earlier this week, while writing a post detailing the best great rooms around, I fell in love with one type in particular: modern barn house. This raw, rural, decaying type of structure is the perfect subject for dramatic modernization projects. 

The beautiful space pictured throughout this post was renovated by Maxwan architecture in the Netherlands. Hanging swag lamps and mini pendant lights were the perfect designs to drop from the uneven ceilings of the barn. 

Built In Bookshelf

Image from the Design Ark

The Dutch barn's simple floor plan - consisting of a ground floor and loft - led the firm to create a notable built-in (pictured above), incorporating kitchen counter, bookshelf and staircase in a single unit.

For this project, a loft adds desired square footage (not to mention valuable nap space) to the barn, while the loft's overhang creates a cozy fireplace nook below:

Barn Loft

Image from Ignant

Barn Fireplace

Image from Design Ark

When the architects moved in, they first noted that "all facade openings were too small, in the wrong place, or both." So they cut a large slit into the roof. Add some minimalist lighting from the rafters, and a modern barn space suddenly has a a very light, open feel.

Teardrop Pendant Lights

Possini Euro Ice Drop Double Light Swag Chandelier

white swag light

White and Chrome Finish Swag Style Plug-In Chandelier

Whether it's a vacation home or an everyday home, smart design and a little TLC can transform a rustic barn into your modern dream home.   

 Images: MaxwanIgnant, Design Ark