Prefab Home

Image Juan Baraja

Here are two stunning examples of architecturally designed modular homes that pack a great punch in just 290 square feet. Ever wonder what a prefab home would look like that could be assembled in a day?

First up is a house by Spanish architecture studio Abaton, the portable ÁPH80 home.

This house measures 290 square feet in total. Packs in a full bathroom, bedroom and a living/kitchen room combined. The eleven foot gabled ceiling keeps the space feeling open and airy.

Prefab Home Interior

 Image Juan Baraja

Large pendant lighting with innovative styling compliments the eclectic mix of modern and rustic furniture. Floor to ceiling sliding glass doors bring the outdoors in.

Prefab Home Exterior

Image Juan Baraja 

Externally the home is clad entirely in gray cement board panels, providing a solid look to the house. The house can be assembled in a day and transported to almost any location on a back of a truck. Manufacture lead time is only four to six weeks.

Modular Home

 Image Leonardo Finotti

Next up is a prefabricated modular home built by the architecture collective MAPA of Brazil and Uruguay. Also coming in at 290 square feet, this home comprises of four modules for sleeping, lounging, dining and bathing.

Modular Home Bedroom

 Image Leonardo Finotti

The two end walls are entirely glazed creating the potential for stunning vistas from the sleep area. Chic and stylish modern light fixtures sit on either side of the bed. The shower area, on the opposite end of the sleep area, has the option to be turned into an indoor outdoor space.

Modular Home Bathroom

 Image Leonardo Finotti

Large sliding glass doors open up to create a stunning indoor/outdoor living area. This house was built as a prototype for Minimod, a business creating bespoke modular structures.

Images: Abaton, MAPA