Image from Smitten Studio

How do you tastefully display sentimental photos and objects at home? You know those hard-to-cast-off keepsakes that just don't fit the aesthetic of your home? 

Try extending the gallery wall concept beyond photos into art and knick-knacks. 

art wall

Image from Curated House

The Curated House offers a perfect solution (pictured above) for that teddy bear you can't bring yourself to throw away. Frame it. You'll love the look and your guests will call you creative rather than creepy.

Update all those stuffy things you're hanging onto by mixing-in found objects for an eclectic look. Pick a palette and accent accordingly. Use boxes to hide the truly unsightly keepsakes.

Modern Office Design

Photo and Styling by Daniella Witte 

With photo walls, go monochrome. Weddings and the annual family picnic group shot may not make for sophisticated design. But in black and white your gallery is instantly design-friendly. 

Monochromatic Gallery Wall

Image from Decor Envy

With your keepsakes arranged, how do you light them? Many modern wall lamps with clean and simple styling are a perfect fit for an eclectic wall. Spot and swing arm designs can be directed to enhance focal points. Or hang a pair of designer-inspired mini pendant lights on either side of your tableau. This visual cue effectively "frames" the scene.

In the end, sentimental photos and objects are what give your home heart. With some creative treatment, they can look surprisingly good in the process. 

Images: Smitten Studio, The Curated House, Daniella Witte, Decor Envy