Modern Home Style

Image from Simply Grove

There are so many options when it comes to color palettes for your home. You can go bright and bold or serene and calm. Whatever you love, one color that fits right in to any modern home style is black. In fact, black is timeless and looks striking in any space.

Whether paired with just a monochromatic palette or mixed in with color, you cannot go wrong with black.

Minimal Living Room

Image from Indoors Outdoors

One big reason why I’m such an advocate for black is it hides stains and dirt. In fact black tile is a great option for bathrooms and kitchens. And lets talk about the black ceiling in the top image. Amazing!

This minimalist space above has a few details that I can’t get enough of, including that simple black stove. Against the white wall, it looks like a perfect architectural detail. It also picks up on the black legs of the stool, black books and black speaker.

White Kitchen

Image from Fancy

This kitchen has a few layers going on. We see wood, white, color and brass. The black on the wall seems to anchor the room and create a cohesive space. Who says that you can’t mix and match!?

Modern Bedroom

Image from Coco Lapine Design

For a dramatic look, paint one wall in your space black. It will create a cozy feel with a bit of sophistication. And modern lighting always looks great against black!

Images:  Simply Grove,  Indoors Outdoors, FancyCoco Lapine Design