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  • Modern Outdoor Furnishings

    Modern Outdoors

    Image from Flava Home

    With the warmer weather well on its way, I have had outdoor entertaining with stylish modern furnishings on the mind. Alright, I’m obsessed! Is there anything better than firing up the grill, sitting outside with friends and family, watching the little ones play? I really don’t think there is.

    To attain that dream, I have decided we need some fantastic outdoor chairs for our guests to relax in while they visit. I know that I want some modern and simple chairs that will work well with our backyard. The modern look is just so clean and goes with so much décor and mixes well with most other styles. Some modern outdoor chairs, a great table and some lights are definitely some must haves.

    Let’s start with the chairs, shall we? For my inspiration, I found this outdoor dining image above. 

    Outdoor Furnishings

    Modern isn't always what you think it is... It doesn’t have to be stark and plain to be modern. Oh no! In fact, these chairs I picked out are a great example of what I love about the modern look for outdoor chairs.

    First up, the clear chairs. They have a tip of the hat to the antique chairs our grandmother’s grew up with, but they are clear and plastic. That alone makes it modern! I love a modern twist on an old classic.

    The wooden slatted chairs are awesome. I love the tie-in with the outdoors the wood gives them, but totally modern with the simple white legs. These might be my favorite!

    Lastly, for a fun pop of color, these purple outdoor chairs are awesome. I love the shape of the chairs too! Very fun and versatile even though they are so bright.

    Image: Flava Home

  • Wall Decor: Six Favorite Mirrors

    Wall Decor

    Today I'm showing you a few of my favorite wall mirror style ideas. Mirrors are a great piece of wall decor to utilize, both functionally and aesthetically.

    Functionally, it looks great to place a mirror above a console table in an entry way, over a dresser in a bedroom, or place a floor length mirror in the master bedroom. You can also decorate with round mirrors as a way to make the room feel more grand.

    I love hanging mirrors on walls opposite of a big window, allowing the light to come into the room and be reflected in the mirror. This doubles the amount of light in your space. If you have a room that feels dark, this might do the trick.

    Entryway Style

    You know that typical "builder" mirror you've had in your bathroom hanging over your vanity since you moved into your home years ago? Perhaps it's time to replace that with a unique mirror, trimmed in a beautiful frame. This will take your bathroom to the next level and really give it that "collected" feel we all desire.

    Bedroom Dresser

    The mirrors I've chosen to show you today are beautiful and can play to many different styles. If you describe your style as rustic or industrial, a mirror with a chunky metal or wood frame would suit you.

    If you love the contemporary look, choose a simple, sleek frame in silver or gold.

    If you love the eclectic look, perhaps a sunburst mirror would look great in your house. Are you more glam or retro? Try a uniquely shaped mirror, like this gold hexagon mirror on the inspiration board. 

    Wall Mirrors

    Hill and Dale Silver 32-Inch Decorative Wall MirrorSunburst Reflections Antique Silver Resin Round Wall MirrorAntiqued Silver Foil 28-Inch-W Rectangular Wall MirrorGold Orb Round 33-Inch Modern Wall MirrorLangford Wood 50 1/2-Inch-W Uttermost Wall MirrorJamie Young Large 24" Round Jute Wall Mirror 

    Whether you're looking for a small mirror to go above a dresser, a large floor length mirror for the bedroom, a round, rectangle, elegant, or modern mirror to hang in the entry way, there is certainly a style for everyone!

    Images: House Beautiful, Style Me Pretty

  • Zen and the Art of Office Design

    Modern Office Design

    Image from French by Design

    I've been thinking about office design a lot lately. But I'm not thinking fax machines and cubicles and worker bees crammed-in like sardines. I'm talking about decorating the office intelligently. Making a space that induces calm, creativity and productivity.

    Office with Plants

    Image from Femke Pastijn

    As you can see above, bringing nature into the office is easy and a great way to maintain morale. The more outdoor-oriented among us might want to consider the cooling and calming effect of modern LED fountains.

    Big Office Windows

    Image from French by Design

    Contrary to logic, a comfortable office isn't about having lots of space. As you see both above and below, work stations are stacked on top of one another. Open sight-lines and ample sunlight help keep the claustrophobia away. 

    Industrial Style Office

    Image from Tyyli & Koti

    You may have noticed the backless counter stools in a some of the pictures above. Often stackable and always stylish, these designs maximize space and minimize visual clutter in the work place.

    Modern Bar Stools

    Set of 2 Rubin Modern Natural Counter Stools, Zuo Twin Peaks Modern Wood Bar Stool, Set of 2 Marius Antique Black Metal Counter Chairs, Sallie Contemporary White Stool

    Lastly, you probably noticed that all the decor pictured has a weathered look. I did that deliberately to illustrate that a comfortable, zen-like office isn't about how much you spend. The well-designed office is all about how well you plan your space. 

    Images: French by Design, Femke Pastijn, Tyyli & Koti

  • Design Ideas For Adding Accents of Yellow in Your Home

    Yellow Accents

    If you're in search of that perfect accent color to introduce to your home, may I suggest yellow?! Yellow doesn’t always have to be a youth color of choice. When done right, it can be a classic option to add a little color to your space.

    Just like any color, don’t overdo it. If you are considering a yellow couch on a yellow wall, you may regret that decision in the end. But adding a yellow pillow, like seen above, on a neutral sofa is the perfect pop of color. Another great tip is adding the same color in an art piece or in a blanket. It all feels balanced.

    Modern Kitchen

    If you are wanting to add color in your kitchen, rugs are a great option. Especially when you are working with an all white kitchen. And if you are worried about getting that rug dirty, just spray it with Scotchgard.

    Modern Home Design

    Bright colored furniture pieces are the new black! If you are a confident, brave person, then you will not have a problem with adding bright splashes of color in your furniture. Just make sure to pair the colors with neutral pieces.

    Kitchen Design

    See how just one pop of yellow creates a modern, fresh space? Don’t feel like you have to add an overabundance of yellow. Keep it simple and you won’t be disappointed!

    Images: My Paradissi, SF Girl by Bay, Stadshem

  • Design Tips For A Backyard That Twinkles

    Design Tips

    Image from Justina Blakeney

    I recently rehabbed my patio, but, as you can see from the above photo, the design is far from complete as I'm missing something quite essential: outdoor lighting! Since dining al fresco is one of my very favorite activities especially on warm SoCal evenings, I'm thinking a lot about the mood outdoors and how I want to light up my outdoor space to make it cozy, warm and inviting.

    White Dining Chairs

    Zuo Modern White 33-Inch-H Set of 2 S-Chairs

    I want my yard to twinkle! I want something to illuminate my front door and am considering this Toledo Old Silver wall light. Love the vintage look of it and it reminds me of the streets of Florence, Italy where I lived for many years. I also love this Corbett Bangle Modern Gold outdoor light.

    Gold Outdoor SconceI like the idea of making my outdoor space feel like an outdoor living room and I think that the warm glow of the gold would help with that--this Milo Antique Brass one is pretty sexy too. I love post lamps for outdoor spaces too. They remind me of secret gardens and fantastical places. I think that this ornate Bravada Glass Outdoor Post Light would add just the right amount of whimsicality to my yard.

    Outdoor Post Light

    Something low is also key...something that illuminates the succulents and flowers I've spent so much time caring for...for that I'm thinking something modern, and I love the Maxim Marlex Nautical White Small Outdoor Post Light-- It's got those mid-century modern lines that I love.

    Outdoor Dining

    Image from Apartment Therapy

    I can't wait to light up my yard this summer!

    Images: Justina Blakeney, Apartment Therapy

April, 2014